Hints about Your Body Being Ready for Change

I know many magazines and other sites online like to make similar posts but make very obvious statements in regards to health. But what about the more subtle ones. The ones that are not alarming. But the ones that hint that your body and mind is now ready for a change. Sometimes when our body takes a wrong turn down the road to bad health, it concerns us and it motivates us to make that change. But for people such as myself, the motivation came for change when I realised these three things.


F O O D – The desire for junk is dramatically minimised. I noticed this with my favourite food. I’ll still enjoy the taste but I¬†will have to force myself through it, won’t be able to even eat half the meal or just won’t feel excited about the thought of it. The past couple of times I went to Red Robin to have my Keep it Simple Burger, I didn’t touch the fries and I could barely eat half. I wasn’t ill. I wasn’t calorie reducing. What I was eating was just less appetising.


S L E E P – Your internal¬†clock starts working.¬†Anyone else have a shitty sleeping pattern? I feel you. I’ve had issues with this nearly my whole life. But recently, I have been waking to sounds of things like dogs barking in my ear, door bells ringing and my house phone ringing. Only none of those things happened. Not to mention, I do not have a dog. All those noises managed to wake me at a decent hour. Since then, I have not had an issue with waking at a decent hour.


B E V E R A G E –¬†Caffeine and I broke up. Call me the queen of bad habits. But aside from quitting smoking, quitting certain beverages made me emotional and jittery. My response to coca cola was very similar to my response to certain foods. Enjoyed the taste. But couldn’t finish. If anything, fizzy drinks, coffee (with creamer), certain other sugary beverages¬†are starting to become gross. While the desire is starting to disappear, another sign was this unusual after taste in my mouth. A rather sticky feeling. At that point, I was starting to realise¬†this relationship wasn’t working. We broke up.

Motivation and change come differently for everyone. I really wanted to take the time to point out a different viewpoint when it comes to what pushes people to change their bad habits. But always remember if any of these things link to a what you would suspect to be a bigger problem with your health, please visit a doctor. 


La Croix a Healthy Alternative to Soda?

img_4413Who’s addicted to coca cola? Or Pepsi? Or Sprite? *raises hand* It’s been a problem for me since I was twenty-four years old. I love the taste and feel of the cold carbonation combined with the sweetness. I know I am not the only one. But it’s not the healthiest thing for so many people. The high fructose corn syrup and the caffeine is something that I don’t think is healthy to have on a regular basis. But then I saw something on Pheobe Tonkin’s Instagram. La Croix. I looked them up on their website (which is very informative) and I suddenly felt I had to try it. If I could find a healthier alternative to soda, I’m fucking going for it. If you’re in Sussex County in New Jersey, you can be happy to know they have it available in Shoprite. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to find than it was.

P R O D U C T ‚󏬆 F A C T S¬†

  • Rather than using things like high fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy flavourings, La Croix uses essence oils that are taken from the fruit they are choosing to flavour the drink with. All natural essence¬†oils that is.
  • La Croix beverages are less acidic in comparison to most conventional soft drinks that you would buy. The PH level will vary depending on flavour.
  • La Croix is completely gluten-free
  • La Croix is completely non-gmo
  • La Croix is unique in the fact that it is sparkling carbonated water. Older and common brands we have seen in the supermarkets often contains sodium. But La Croix is sodium-free.
  • La Croix is an American company with American-sourced ingredients.
  • La Croix is completely vegan.

Personal ‚óŹ Lifestyle¬†Changes

img_4413If you haven’t been following me, I haven’t lead the most healthy lifestyle regarding food and beverage since the age of twenty-four. My husband and I started eating out on a regular basis and drinking so much more soda than we did when we had lived in our studio apartment back in the day. I’ve been used to drinking things like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Snapple, Vitamin Water, Coffee with a massive amount of sugary creamer, and a lot of processed food. When I first had La Croix for the first time, I was disappointed. It smelled amazing. But I tasted nothing. I expressed my disappointment to someone I had worked with who also happened to be a health nut. She told me something that made a lot of sense. She told me that because of the fact that because I have been so used to eating and drinking things with high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners, I wasn’t able to enjoy things that had more natural flavours and things that were more subtle. Think of it this way. After eating something like Smarties for a snack or dessert for a number of years, something like grapes or apples is not going to be as exciting. That’s what’s been happening with me. My friend reassured me that after cutting out all the beverages I have been drinking and starting to make more home cooked meals that I would start to see the difference with products like La Croix.

Think of it this way. After eating something like Smarties for a snack or dessert for a number of years, something like grapes or apples is not going to be as exciting. That’s what’s been happening with me. My friend reassured me that after cutting out all the beverages I have been drinking and starting to make more home cooked meals that I would start to see the difference with products like La Croix. Starting new healthy habits isn’t easy. It takes time. Just remember that when you’re looking for more healthy alternatives. It’s boring at first. But over time, you’re body with thank you.

Purses Are Poppycock!

Okay, clearly not true for everyone. This is just personal preference. Ever get tired of lugging around your purse? I do. I have been for awhile. I was in Ohio for a small get together. And that is where I met a lovely woman. She had seemed very comfortable. Very relaxed. I could not put my finger on it. Suddenly, she whipped her phone out. That also looked like a wallet. Then I knew. Purse free. No added weight. I became envious. And then I knew I wanted to start doing that. I missed not carrying around a purse everywhere I went.


While this has to do with minimalism, it mainly has to do with comfort. I found satisfaction with just having my house keys, bank card, and ID. Nothing else was necessary.¬†I know many would probably throw the “what if” in there. But the basics of my cell phone, card, and ID would be the most useful thing to me.

So, here is my question to everyone reading this. Do you enjoy carrying around a purse? Does it every get annoying? What do you carry in it that is the most important thing? I’m genuinely¬†curious.¬†

The New Cover Boy for Cover Girl ‚óŹ Conflicting Emotions

We recently have seen the news of the new face representing the brand Cover Girl. James Charles. A male. We are in a different age now. We are now breaking down boundaries with gender. And I think that’s¬†fucking amazing. Of course, there have been some horrible comments about it all. But there is still a community supporting James Charles. I support this new face as well. But I have conflicting emotions. And it has nothing to do with a male being the face of a cosmetic brand that is Cover Girl. The conflict is within putting money into a company that supports supports all humans. But wanting to remain cruelty-free.
I make myself very clear that I try my best to make choices with the animals in mind. With food. With household cleaning products. Hygiene. And makeup. Even choosing to take the next step to buy something without animal by-product. The treatment of animals is the first thing in my mind when choosing to buy something. But what if the brand like Cover Girl does what they do? Show diversity? We are in a day and age where there is a division that I had not seen before. And even with that in mind, Cover Girl has shown that they will put someone like James Charles up as the face to represent the brand. Knowing what criticism they may face. While they could have picked so many female makeup artists on Youtube, they picked him.
I have had these conflicting feelings before. When transitioning to cruelty-free, I did not want to leave Cover Girl behind. They had people through the years like Ellen, Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah,¬†Janelle Monae and the list goes on. They’ve shown that regardless of what your skin tone is, sexuality, or where you were born, you are welcomed to the brand. Could it be good marketing? Yeah. Very likely. But does it really matter? If you are welcomed no matter what isn’t that what we want from a brand? But here is my real question. While people like me who are a part of the cruelty-free community are making choices based on moral practices, shouldn’t that count humans as well?¬†
Considering the fact that they knew they might lose customers based on this, they did it anyway. That takes courage. It is money lost. I feel like that says something. It may be easy for a lot of the people in the cruelty-free community to stay firm with their choice and say that they will still not support the brand based on their animal testing policy. And I respect that. Does this mean I will buy brands like Rimmel, Revlon, Maybelline, or any other animal tested brand in the drugstore? No. Not unless they chose to stop animal testing altogether. To be cruelty-free for me also means to support a brand that shown they embrace diversity. People who choose to boycott companies like Cover Girl based on the animal testing may or may not support this choice. But my interest is with treating both animals and humans with respect.
I have said this before to many people, your dollar is not the only thing that does the talking. If you want to see a change, speak up. Be persistent. But don’t be¬†rude about it. Let Cover Girl know that you support what they are doing but you want them to live up to their full potential to the brand they have been showing they really are. Let them know you want them to stop testing on animals. And let them know regularly .¬†
I know some people will argue and¬†ask why not just focus attention on already cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, or eco brands. Covergirl is very affordable. Available to people all ages and available in many places. From Ulta to Walmart. And those are just the two most obvious. Whether you’re busy in school or a parent on a budget, Covergirl has prices most can afford. Why not encourage them to¬†reach their full potential? If they were to become 100% cruelty-free, the would have the support of even more people and set a new standard for other brands in drugstores and for younger consumers.¬†


TAG! 10 Random Beauty Facts

Tag! You’re it! We all insert random beauty facts in a few posts here and there. Whether it’d be in a review or a haul. But there is always some stuff that people don’t¬†know about you. Do you have a pet peeve when it comes to makeup? Do you detest a certain style? Do you have certain rituals that are unique that you have not heard someone else mention in a video or blog? Here is where you mention it. I tag anyone who wants to do this blog or even in a video. I’m not sure if this is a unique tag. But I’d be interesting to see your posts on it.¬†



‚Ė∂ I Don’t Like Dying My Hair¬†‚Ėł¬†I actually stopped dying my hair nearly three years ago. And I ended up loving my natural hair colour.

‚Ė∂ I Prefer Cruelty-Free Products¬†‚Ėł¬†This is a personal preference. I’m not pushy or perfect.¬†But pretty much everything but my skincare (aside from my few products) hasn’t been animal tested.

‚Ė∂ I Never Fake Tan or Sunbathe ‚Ėł¬†Everyone either has the patience or looks good with it naturally. But I am naturally pale. And I’m happy about that. I’ve tried two-hour tans before and gradual tanners. And I am not only bad at it but also feel happier with pale skin. I salute you babes out there who have the patience to do it. Because I just sit there and say “fuck this” and always miss certain spots or it becomes patchy as hell. Not to mention, I don’t see what’s so unappealing about fair skin.

‚Ė∂ I Don’t Like Lip Products¬†‚Ėł¬†I’m a bit of a weirdo on this one. It takes a very special lipstick or lip gloss in order for me to enjoy it. I do own a few lipsticks and lip glosses but outside I’m just not enthusiastic about lippies, in the same way, the rest of the world is. I’m rather happy with just lip balm or at my fanciest, tinted lip conditioner. I just don’t have the patience to deal with the maintenance of it and deal with the discomfort I often feel that comes with lip products.

‚Ė∂ I Never Contour¬†‚Ėł¬†I’m bad at it. I look stupid with it. And I just don’t see it as a necessity for everyday life. Out of all my makeup products I own, I have no intention of ever owning something to contour my face. It’s a chunky face naturally. Contour won’t fool anyone.


‚Ė∂ I’m Too Picky with Cleansers¬†‚Ėł¬†I don’t know what on earth made me become so obsessive and fickle with cleansers. But everyone always emphasises how important it is to cleanse. And I still have yet to find ‘the one’. Everything either feels too drying, leaves residue on the skin, aggressive with exfoliators in the formula, or unnecessarily expensive.

‚Ė∂I’m Use A lot of Green Beauty Products ‚Ėł¬†It’s like with the animal testing thing. I’m not perfect. The only things I use that are not cruelty-free or green is a few skincare products from La Roche-Posay. Aside from that I like using products that are nature based rather than lab based. For my health, the earth and animals.

‚Ė∂ I Don’t like Heals or Dresses¬†‚Ėł¬†I do very much consider myself to be feminine. I like playing with my hair and makeup. And I do like flattering clothing. As many do. But I just can’t stand heels and dresses. Then again, you’re reading a post from someone who doesn’t wear shoes ninety-five percent of the year.

‚Ė∂ I am Very Skincare Focused¬†‚Ėł¬†I honestly feel like I can live without¬†foundation and concealer if I can resolve those issues. I’m not someone who deals with even mild acne. And I don’t have scars.¬†My dark circles are not something I inherited from my father or mother. They weren’t there naturally. If I can find a skincare or nutritional solution where I can avoid things like foundation, concealer, and brow makeup, I will put in the effort. In the meantime, I use all these things sparingly.

‚Ė∂ I Have a Pet Peeve for Cutey Pootsy Packaging¬†‚Ėł¬†Again, it’s a pet peeve. It’s minor. But I’m just not into makeup or skincare packaging that’s overly decorated or has little kid like art on it. Like hearts. Flowers. or even if it’s just obnoxiously bright pink. I don’t mind the subtlety of pink. Like what Honest Beauty has. But one of the reasons why I rarely buy from Too Faced is because their packaging just eats at me. Some people love it. But I just can’t do it. But it’s personal preference. Some people love pink, hearts, bows, butterflies and such. I love blues, blacks and whites.

The Warmth of Autumn ‚ėČ Featuring Lavanila Fragrance

I miss the autumnal time of year. I miss the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere. The warm colours of red, gold, orange, and caramel browns. The leaves crunching underneath my feet. The air having a chill but just enough warm to step out without a jacket. It’s a season of peace for me. A time where I enjoy the transition of seasons and of course, the start of comic con. But I begin to miss it more when I smell this perfume by Lavanila. The warmth of the vanilla and sandalwood and blending with the sweetness of something such as goji berry,¬†guava and peach nectar really makes for a unique perfume. It’s not terribly or typically sweet like candy floss body sprays you can get for cheap in drug stores. And it’s not overwhelming¬†with a musky note. Like when you think of a senior citizen that overkilled it. Trust me. I’ve had that occasion sitting behind one of my grandmother’s friends in church. The headache was real.


Perfume holds a special place in my heart.¬†Both my mother and grandmother were always gifted perfumes for either birthdays and Christmas’s by their husbands.And always Est√©e Lauder.

My husband started doing the same the first Christmas¬†we were engaged. I loved my Sensuous¬†Nude. But it was time to break the tradition once I went cruelty-free. I choked up using the last spritz. I didn’t think I would love another perfume the same way again. I tried many others. But it wasn’t the same. It’s like a relationship. Either it works or it doesn’t. Once I discovered Lavanila I wanted to jump for joy. Lavanila’s perfume is both cruelty-free and vegan. I find it if you’re like me where you don’t want to smell like dear old nana or smell like you went back to middle school days. It’s mature but still youthful. And according to the description, utterly desirable.

Perfume is a unique product that can either appeal to our senses and works with everyone’s body chemistry very differently. While this scent works for me, Lavanila has various other scents available.

Nice to Mint You! Peppermint Delights ‚̶

How delicious is peppermint! Sure. It makes your breath smell nice. But there is something so satisfying about the taste of it that other products don’t¬†have. Why? *shrugs*. All I know is that I’ve been addicted. Let’s look at a few fast facts about the benefits of peppermint in your diet. I won’t get all technically with these huge words and phrases on you guys. Let’s keep it simple.¬†

‚ē£ Anti-Microbial¬†‚ē† It’s a fancy way of saying it’s one of those oils that helps to stop the growth of a lot of nasty bacteria developing and helps to prevent certain¬†fungus from progressing any further.

‚ē£ Breathe Easy¬†‚ē† If you have asthma, or general breathing issues (admitted snorer), peppermint has a certain¬†substance that is beneficial for those with nasal symptoms.

‚ē£ Digestion ‚ē† Peppermint has been said to relieve¬†issues revolving around your stomach. If you have¬†indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (lovely), you may very well wanna try this out. Apparently peppermint can soothe the muscles that are around the intestines that prevent it from getting all wonky.

I think those three are enough for me to want to continue with my favourite tea and chocolates. I didn’t even know peppermint had vitamins like vitamin C, manganese, and copper. That kinda threw me. But it’s a good enough reason.¬†

So, what can you have that has peppermint in it? Not those red and white swirling hard candies. And not those York Peppermint patties. A lot of that stuff not only has a ton of sugar but also egg whites, and corn syrup. Which¬†kind of ruins the health benefits¬†that can come from the product. So let’s get to the good stuff.


Wei Chocolate¬†‚ēĎ Wei Beautiful is one of the many flavours that this brand carries. Wei Beautiful is the recipe that carries peppermint in the ingredients. And it’s absolutely delicious. I discovered these beauties from Sarah Nagel AKA HolisticHabits on Youtube.

  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Soy Free
  • GMO free
  • Organic
  • Fair trade

It is also made with organic coconut blossom sugar instead of the standard cane sugar like we can be used to seeing. So it’s lower in glycemic. If you’re diabetic, I don’t think you’ll have a lot to worry about with this brand a tall. Not to mention the benefits of the cacao in the ingredients. Which is a whole different blog post.


Traditional Medicinals¬†Peppermint Tea¬†‚ēĎ Though I am more so fond of the loose leaf version of tea’s, this is the one brand that is available pretty much everywhere I shop. Even my local petrol station’s mini mart. Yep! No joke. It’s been something that I can easily get a hold of if I can’t make an order online. For something that is organic, and even made with unbleached tea bag material, this is a pretty amazing product. I always end up putting two bags in my cup. I like potency.

The list of bonus’s from this brand are never ending…

  • 98.9% percent of Traditional Medicinals are botanical raw ingredients certified organic
  • 100% of the teas they have are non-GMO¬†verified¬†
  • Fair trade

Let me know if you try Wei Chocolate or if you drink peppermint tea. If so, what brand? Loose leaf or bagged? Also if you have been using it either to eat, drink, or applying topically, let me know what you use it for. I have been using beauty products with peppermint and tea tree as of lately. I will discuss it in blog posts coming up.¬† ō™