Pacifica Invisible Powers Dry Shampoo Review ☼

If you have oily hair, you know it’s annoying. Dry shampoo is not optional sometimes. It’s a necessity. As much as I love dry shampoos like Batiste or NYM’s. But as someone who’s trying to use more eco-friendly containers, the aerosolized can is not very friendly towards our environment. Not to mention I want to avoid inhaling ingredients within them. I know people have strong feelings with loose powder dry shampoo. But I feel like once you learn how to use it, you end up love it.

○ D E T A I L S ○

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Natural
  • 2 oz
  • $14.00
  • Talc-free
  • Aluminum-free
  • Pump bottle

There are two things I find very unique about this product. Aside from it being darker toned compared to most dry shampoos, it has a beautiful tropical smell. Not that nappy scent I feel like most dry shampoos have. It’s hard to place the exact smell it has. It’s not potent. But it’s noticeable. It says in the ingredients that it has a natural scent. But it doesn’t specify as to what. The other unique features of this product is that it has small and sparse iridescence in it. I’ve never seen that in a dry shampoo.

As a brunette, I thought this would stand out like a sore thumb. But it doesn’t really show up too much at all. I  have to admit I wouldn’t mind it being noticeable. Who wouldn’t want to look like a majestic mermaid? Anyone say H2o: Just Add Water? I know not everyone loves loose powder dry shampoos. Sometimes it’s best to not use it as directed. Sometimes I like to tap some on the palm of my hand and rub it into the roots of my hair. Even unscrewing it and tapping it into the top of the head can help to even scatter the product. Admittedly the product is a bit flawed with how it distributes the product. Sometimes it doesn’t even come out. But it still works well even if you choose not to use the pump. I know some folks decide to use a makeup brush to apply it onto the hair.

I personally love this product. But the glitter itself is something people are going to have conflicting feelings about. If you can get away with it, I say go for it. But if you’re looking for a different formula, let the company know. 


Makeup Brush Shampoo ≣ To Buy or Not To Buy ≣ Clean Apothecary

I’ve heard the same thing over and over again. People say that they wouldn’t use a product specifically to clean their brushes if they had a gentle facial cleanser or shampoo. It’s a good point. But what if it’s been causing you problems? I have nothing but frustrations with cleaning my makeup brushes.

  • It takes way too long to fully rinse out the suds. Even when I hardly used more than a drop.
  • The smell lingers on the brush long after it has dried.
  • I break out in strange places on my face.

I’ve also attempted to make the process a little easier. I added tiny drops of olive oil. I even thought that it was there wasn’t enough water softener in our house tank. Didn’t seem to be the case. After internet window shopping on, I ran across Clean Apothecary. After ages of procrastinating, I bought it. Three words. Never-Looking-Back! The process goes so much faster. I don’t have the unusual odour. And I don’t get the tiny blemishes on my eyelid or corner of my mouth. And despite the very light rose scent, I have not experienced increased redness, bumps or burning in the eye area with my eye brushes.

I know for so many people it is not worth spending the extra dollar. For me, the extra dollar has been worth it. Like any other makeup or skincare product, it’s an individual thing. It’s like false lashes. Some love em. But some hate em. For me, this is something that makes my life just a bit easier when I just wanna clean and go.

Beautylish has a limited selection compared to the official website. The official website offers refilled for brush shampoos, clay masks and essential oils. 

Product Praise ◯ Acure Dry Oil Body Spray in Rose

Body lotions are effective. But body butter and oils are the best for really dry skin. 

I started using body butter to treat my dry legs. And it works magic. But it’s not so magical when you are trying to put on clothing in my morning and your clothing is sticking to you. In the summer time is just as gross. You feel like you’re being marinated for a BBQ. Pardon me while I gag. I could always use your standard light lotion. But it’s almost like putting one drop of oil on a sponge. Doesn’t do me any good. That’s where the dry oil spray from Acure came in handy.

I decided to take a chance when shopping for nick nacks. And I am so happy I did.

A B O U T  T H I S  P R O D U C T 

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Retails for $12.99
  • 2 0z
  • 3 fl. oz.

Is this worth your dollar? Yes. I can’t say that enough.

I wouldn’t go nuts spraying too much on. It’s not necessary and would need you to spend an extra moment rubbing the unnecessary amount into the skin. But even then, you hardly feel it underneath your clothing.And your skin feels amazing through the day. Not to mention you can use it on your hair too. The oils within it work well for basically every area of your body. Unless you’re like me and you break out from coconut oil. I have to say that it doesn’t have a rosy scent that I had expected. It’s like the Dr. Bronners where the citrus ingredient tends to take over the rose aspect of it. But it isn’t anything I would consider to be the downside of this product.

Let me know if you use this and enjoy it. If not, plan on giving it a go?

First Thoughts – Avène Complexion Correcting Shield SPF 50

The moment I saw this I was mostly excited but I was also in a ‘Proceed with Caution’sort of mode. Most products with a similar concept have major downfalls to them. Not enough coverage. Not enough shades. Shades tones can be dramatically off. Or can make skin react because of the formulation mixed with the sun protection factor. No Bueno. But considering the positive experience I have had with La Roche-Posay, I wanted to give this a shot. With their famous Thermal Spring water as an ingredient and the high SPF, I wanted to give it a shot.

T H E  C L A I M S

  • Fragrance-free
  • Oil-free
  • Chemical filter-free
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Blurs imperfections such as fine lines, pores, redness and other imperfections.
  • Made to be a minimal risk to those with reactive skin
  • Hydrated the skin up to 24 hours
  • Contains vitamins C and E

T E X T U R E  ☷ This is not a liquid foundation. This is a rather thick product.I had to use a bit of extra pressure to squeeze the product out. No matter how you blend your skin out, I would recommend warming it up and smoothing out the product between your fingers first to make it more blendable.

C O V E R A G E ☷ I’ve said this before. Coverage claims are not always one hundred percent guaranteed. Some products do live up to that expectation. But most often times it depends on the condition of your skin underneath the makeup. What you use to apply. How you blend it in. What you use as a primer, if at all. For me, this product is very much medium to full coverage. Less coverage with a makeup sponge. More so with using my (clean) fingers.

F I N I S H ☷ This changed a bit for me. When using a sponge, I found my skin to have that natural finish. Borderline dewy glow. But using my fingers, it was more of a satin matte finish with a slight tack to it. Something I am not fond of. But what you use underneath could make a difference. Whether it’s nothing at all or an oil.

S H A D E ☷ I bought the lightest shade. And…*winces* It can come off light enough…in certain lightings. If you have a notable yellow tone to your skin, this will most likely work for you. But if you’re rather fair and have more of a neutral to pink undertone, you’ll want to reconsider. Because this does not adapt to people’s skin tones.

L O N G E V I T Y ☷ It wears rather well for the first four hours as you’re indoors. But after that point, I started to notice some patchy area’s around my cheek and nose area. But considering that this is a hydrating product, it’s most likely going to break down with areas of your face that have oil production. I suggest using a blotting sheet and then reapply the product.

T H E  F I N A L  T H O U G H T 

Through my times wearing this product, I have not experienced any inflammation, itching, blemishes or bumps. If I want to wear this beyond my house, I will take my Real Techniques sponge and bring it down my neck to make it more wearable and set it with a powder to take away that subtle tack to the skin. I don’t use pressed powder with this kind of products that tend to be thicker and tackier because the pressed can sometimes ball up in places like around my mouth and nose. In many ways, this product very much reminds me of the Clinique Redness Relief foundation. But I think the shade is the only thing that really keeps me from wanting to repurchase this when I run out. Though this is not a unique issue. Many brands with a similar concept do this. Aside from the shade, it’s worth the penny if you’re interested in that high sun protection while covering your areas of concern. 

Left is blended – Right is Unblended

But I think the shade is the only thing that really keeps me from wanting to repurchase this when I run out. Though this is not a unique issue. Many brands with a similar concept do this. Aside from the shade, it’s worth the penny if you’re interested in that high sun protection while covering your areas of concern. 


Brand Dedication + Constructive Criticisms ➞ Honest Beauty

I’ve been buying from Honest Beauty since it’s availability. Like most people who show an interest in organic and animal-friendly beauty, I was overly excited. I’ve had positive experiences with the makeup and hair care products. But the few issues I have had with them is enough to point out in this case. Because it’s something that can either make or break a company. I’m referring to communication. 

I had seen a hint a week or less before the supposed “release” of their product. Honestly Luminizing Foundation.Obviously, I was absolutely img_4769over the moon. I had used their cream foundation before, but I was more enthusiastic for a liquid foundation. Suddenly one day I had seen Jessica Alba waving the liquid foundation around in an Instasnap story (not sure if that’s what it’s called) saying it was being released that very day. I ran to my bundle, added it to the bundle, but had to leave my computer for the day. But when I came back, the product was unavailable. Even the shade I had added to my cart outside the bundle was unavailable. I was stunned. Because I had thought the product was so popular it sold out that fast. But when I went to look at the link to talk about it to a friend, the link wasn’t there. The foundation wasn’t even an option.

img_4779This did not make sense to me. I remember when an item sold out, the link was still there for information, but it was just listed as unavailable. So when I looked at the comments on their Facebook page and had seen responses of it being “out of stock” I didn’t really think that was the case. But today I received a package from Ulta for some other products I had bought from a different brand. And as always, they throw in samples. To my surprise, I saw a pamphlet that had small samples of the Honestly Luminizing Foundation. I was confused. Was this not available at all? Last I checked on the website, the brand only had their hair care products available. What was going on? I was told that it was possible they could not legally state as to the reason why they were pulling certain products to be unavailable to buy. Maybe reformulation was necessary for certain products? Maybe more shades are being added? Maybe it’s just me, but as a consumer who excitedly waits for the products to be released, I’d rather be well informed instead of left guessing.

My point of posting this is not to slam the brand. Unlike most comments that I have seen online that are very aggressive and seem to want the brand to disappear entirely, I want to see Honest Beauty succeed. The primary issue with Honest Beauty is not their products. At least not to me. But it’s more so their lack of communication with their customers. People have been asking what happened to the foundation, their tinted moisturizer and I have had questions of my own. But I either do not get a response or a very robotic answer that was clearly copied and pasted. Not to mention ambiguous. Brands like Honest Beauty are still very small in comparison to a lot of other green beauty brands on the market. When you have the popularity that you do, but the poor communication behind it, the reputation starts to become tainted and people are less enthusiastic to even try the brand. I hope to see improvement in this area soon. I’m still loyal. But the loyalty needs to be reciprocated. 

Let me reiterate, I am not throwing Honest Beauty under the bus with this post. 

Brand Dedication + Constructive Criticisms ➞ Desert Essence

I’m dedicated to specific brands in various categories. Skincare. Makeup. Even food. You find something that works I become curious about the other products within the brand. And I truly hope that this is not perceived as what a lot of people would call ‘Throwing shade’. Constructive criticism is different from being picky. I love these brands. And if I there is a brand I love that made a misstep or if we would like to see something added to the line, it’s only fair as a customer to give my input. And I encourage others to do so as well.


Desert Essense has been in my shower/self-care chest for years. Everything from hair care and right down to toothpaste. I still use those products. And as you can see above, even their oils are a part of my regular skincare for my body. Over the past two years, they have released some new products. Some I have tried. Some I haven’t. Some I am enthusiastic about. Some I was left scratching my head with. I was and still am eager to try their aromatherapy oils. Especially since I am a huge believer in it. But out of all the things that they could have brought out, I was seeing toothpicks and dental floss. Please understand that I know the importance of putting attention on oral health. I’m not denying that one bit. But I was hoping to see a bit of improvement in the skincare and hair care area. I know it seems rather trivial. But it is still something I am hoping to see.

organic tea trea oil

Certain products like the Coconut Shine & Refine Hair Lotion and Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector has had mixed reviews from what I have heard from people. And I must emphasize, it’s not 100% negative. I’m certain there are positive experiences. But I haven’t seen these two particular products haven’t been spoken about all that much within the community. And when it is, it’s very inconsistent with what people say about its performance. Some people say it’s marvelous. Other people have heavy complaints apart from the lovely smell. Even then, some have suggested that they can get a chemical scent from it. Which floored me.

: ≣ : What I Would Like To See Released : ≣ : 

Expanding the Fragrance-Free Line ≣ They hit the nail on the head with their fragrance-free shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. But I am also hoping for an expansion on their fragrance-free line. Maybe a fragrance-free detangler and heat protector that is similar to the coconut one. A hair mask, a bar of soap, even liquid bath soap.

Cleansing Balm ≣ I know they have multiple face washes available but considering they have such popularity with their oils, I’m a bit surprised they haven’t come out with a cleansing balm yet. A lot of people are leaning away from more traditional lathering soaps now. And I hate to say that their newest cleanser (creamy oil cleanser) was a bit lathering and drying on my skin for something that was titled with the words ‘creamy oil’. But that is by my own experience. It seems as this was rather successful. But I don’t want to just use their bottled oils to remove makeup from my skin. I would like something that removed makeup, cleanses the skin, doesn’t dry it out and does not have an oily residue left behind. Hopefully, they come out with their own version of what’s been so heavily desired. Let me know if I am being picky about this one.

Hair Styling And Hair Care ≣ I’m still surprised they haven’t made anything all that new for the past few years. I was hoping to see hair masks, different heat protectors, hair sprays, waxes, pomades and a different leave-in conditioner. Yes. I know they have their oils. And it has their versatility. But some people would prefer to have a different texture. I know the appeal of Desert Essense is that they are more familiar and often minimal with their ingredients. But having a creamier hair mask or adding styling balms could bring in more customers. They already have the most amazing shampoo and conditioner selection. I would like to see that with other products as well.

img_4612I have to really put out there that when I say I love the brand, I genuinely mean it. I’ve been fiercely dedicated to using certain products for years now. It’s affordable, it’s cruelty-free, so many of their products are a vegan friend and are formulated without a number of ingredients that have been considered harmful to apply topically. Every time I use a different body wash, body lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash or even oils, I always come back to this brand. Because they work. But I feel like this brand has the ability to expand and add more. Because when there is more added, people are most likely to gravitate towards brands like Desert Essense rather than something that is tested on animals and that is not good for regular use. I would hope that no one takes this as talking crap about the brand. Because that is not what I am aiming to do. Without this brand, I’d be lost. But my aim as a customer is to try to encourage the brand to go into the right direction. Maybe others agree with my opinion. Or maybe a lot of people disagree. But at the end of the day, I am putting my thoughts out there. And I think you should too. It’s your right as a consumer if you are putting money into a brand you plan to use regularly. And I still plan to continue using Desert Essense for as long as they keep with their practices.

Worth the Money in Your Wallet? ✰ Charlotte Tilbury

With any high-end brand, you often wonder whether you’re getting the bang for your buck. It’s something that concerns me every single time. No matter whether it’s Charlotte Tilbury or Chantecaille. You want the presentability and performance. And that’s only fair. For almost three years I have heard nothing but amazing things about Charlotte Tilbury products online. But the few people I had asked in life outside the net had said ‘It’s okay.’ But I caved and bought a few products to see for myself.

img_0702If you are looking for that light to medium coverage with a divine glow, I feel like these four products will give you what you are looking for. If you are the Tarte Shape Tape or Urban Decay All Nighter person, this not for you. It’s a glow without the grease. There is always that fine line that I feel like a lot of formulations crossed over into poutine grease. Despite the fact that The Retoucher and Light Wonder are light refracting products, they do not add flashback. At least by my experience. It also sits comfortably on the skin with no tack to the touch. I feel like this product is best blended with clean fingers. I know most would disagree. But I feel like sponges or brushes would either absorb or pick the product up. The same goes with The retoucher. Though you would be using hardly anything with this product.

img_0698If you have difficulty with powder products, these will be your new best buddies in your makeup collection. Being that my skin is normal to dehydrate, a lot of powders can often make my skin look like drywall and making simple facial movements uncomfortable. I was apprehensive because of price point. But it’s very comfortable. Both apply and blend seamlessly without cracking on the skin. The setting powder seems more so semi-matte rather than a full matte powder. And even though I’m a highlighter lover, I gravitate towards the bronzer more. It’s not too orange or red. It’s perfect to balance out the complexion. The highlight is just as beautiful. It gives that illumination without that chunky iridescence.

Even though I can personally say with certainty that I love these products, I’m coming from a perspective of someone who has normal to dehydrated skin that only deals with some blotchiness and a flushed complexion. Aside from that, I wish I could be more helpful to those who have oily/combination skin. I imagine it would only emphasise the look of those troubled areas. But if you have a different experience as someone with oily and acne-prone skin, I’d love to know about your experience.