I’ve heard the same thing over and over again. People say that they wouldn’t use a product specifically to clean their brushes if they had a gentle facial cleanser or shampoo. It’s a good point. But what if it’s been causing you problems? I have nothing but frustrations with cleaning my makeup brushes.

  • It takes way too long to fully rinse out the suds. Even when I hardly used more than a drop.
  • The smell lingers on the brush long after it has dried.
  • I break out in strange places on my face.

I’ve also attempted to make the process a little easier. I added tiny drops of olive oil. I even thought that it was there wasn’t enough water softener in our house tank. Didn’t seem to be the case. After internet window shopping on Beautylish.com, I ran across Clean Apothecary. After ages of procrastinating, I bought it. Three words. Never-Looking-Back! The process goes so much faster. I don’t have the unusual odour. And I don’t get the tiny blemishes on my eyelid or corner of my mouth. And despite the very light rose scent, I have not experienced increased redness, bumps or burning in the eye area with my eye brushes.

I know for so many people it is not worth spending the extra dollar. For me, the extra dollar has been worth it. Like any other makeup or skincare product, it’s an individual thing. It’s like false lashes. Some love em. But some hate em. For me, this is something that makes my life just a bit easier when I just wanna clean and go.

Beautylish has a limited selection compared to the official website. The official website offers refilled for brush shampoos, clay masks and essential oils.