I’ve been buying from Honest Beauty since it’s availability. Like most people who show an interest in organic and animal-friendly beauty, I was overly excited. I’ve had positive experiences with the makeup and hair care products. But the few issues I have had with them is enough to point out in this case. Because it’s something that can either make or break a company. I’m referring to communication. 

I had seen a hint a week or less before the supposed “release” of their product. Honestly Luminizing Foundation.Obviously, I was absolutely img_4769over the moon. I had used their cream foundation before, but I was more enthusiastic for a liquid foundation. Suddenly one day I had seen Jessica Alba waving the liquid foundation around in an Instasnap story (not sure if that’s what it’s called) saying it was being released that very day. I ran to my bundle, added it to the bundle, but had to leave my computer for the day. But when I came back, the product was unavailable. Even the shade I had added to my cart outside the bundle was unavailable. I was stunned. Because I had thought the product was so popular it sold out that fast. But when I went to look at the link to talk about it to a friend, the link wasn’t there. The foundation wasn’t even an option.

img_4779This did not make sense to me. I remember when an item sold out, the link was still there for information, but it was just listed as unavailable. So when I looked at the comments on their Facebook page and had seen responses of it being “out of stock” I didn’t really think that was the case. But today I received a package from Ulta for some other products I had bought from a different brand. And as always, they throw in samples. To my surprise, I saw a pamphlet that had small samples of the Honestly Luminizing Foundation. I was confused. Was this not available at all? Last I checked on the website, the brand only had their hair care products available. What was going on? I was told that it was possible they could not legally state as to the reason why they were pulling certain products to be unavailable to buy. Maybe reformulation was necessary for certain products? Maybe more shades are being added? Maybe it’s just me, but as a consumer who excitedly waits for the products to be released, I’d rather be well informed instead of left guessing.

My point of posting this is not to slam the brand. Unlike most comments that I have seen online that are very aggressive and seem to want the brand to disappear entirely, I want to see Honest Beauty succeed. The primary issue with Honest Beauty is not their products. At least not to me. But it’s more so their lack of communication with their customers. People have been asking what happened to the foundation, their tinted moisturizer and I have had questions of my own. But I either do not get a response or a very robotic answer that was clearly copied and pasted. Not to mention ambiguous. Brands like Honest Beauty are still very small in comparison to a lot of other green beauty brands on the market. When you have the popularity that you do, but the poor communication behind it, the reputation starts to become tainted and people are less enthusiastic to even try the brand. I hope to see improvement in this area soon. I’m still loyal. But the loyalty needs to be reciprocated. 

Let me reiterate, I am not throwing Honest Beauty under the bus with this post.