I’m dedicated to specific brands in various categories. Skincare. Makeup. Even food. You find something that works I become curious about the other products within the brand. And I truly hope that this is not perceived as what a lot of people would call ‘Throwing shade’. Constructive criticism is different from being picky. I love these brands. And if I there is a brand I love that made a misstep or if we would like to see something added to the line, it’s only fair as a customer to give my input. And I encourage others to do so as well.


Desert Essense has been in my shower/self-care chest for years. Everything from hair care and right down to toothpaste. I still use those products. And as you can see above, even their oils are a part of my regular skincare for my body. Over the past two years, they have released some new products. Some I have tried. Some I haven’t. Some I am enthusiastic about. Some I was left scratching my head with. I was and still am eager to try their aromatherapy oils. Especially since I am a huge believer in it. But out of all the things that they could have brought out, I was seeing toothpicks and dental floss. Please understand that I know the importance of putting attention on oral health. I’m not denying that one bit. But I was hoping to see a bit of improvement in the skincare and hair care area. I know it seems rather trivial. But it is still something I am hoping to see.

organic tea trea oil

Certain products like the Coconut Shine & Refine Hair Lotion and Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector has had mixed reviews from what I have heard from people. And I must emphasize, it’s not 100% negative. I’m certain there are positive experiences. But I haven’t seen these two particular products haven’t been spoken about all that much within the community. And when it is, it’s very inconsistent with what people say about its performance. Some people say it’s marvelous. Other people have heavy complaints apart from the lovely smell. Even then, some have suggested that they can get a chemical scent from it. Which floored me.

: ≣ : What I Would Like To See Released : ≣ : 

Expanding the Fragrance-Free Line ≣ They hit the nail on the head with their fragrance-free shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. But I am also hoping for an expansion on their fragrance-free line. Maybe a fragrance-free detangler and heat protector that is similar to the coconut one. A hair mask, a bar of soap, even liquid bath soap.

Cleansing Balm ≣ I know they have multiple face washes available but considering they have such popularity with their oils, I’m a bit surprised they haven’t come out with a cleansing balm yet. A lot of people are leaning away from more traditional lathering soaps now. And I hate to say that their newest cleanser (creamy oil cleanser) was a bit lathering and drying on my skin for something that was titled with the words ‘creamy oil’. But that is by my own experience. It seems as this was rather successful. But I don’t want to just use their bottled oils to remove makeup from my skin. I would like something that removed makeup, cleanses the skin, doesn’t dry it out and does not have an oily residue left behind. Hopefully, they come out with their own version of what’s been so heavily desired. Let me know if I am being picky about this one.

Hair Styling And Hair Care ≣ I’m still surprised they haven’t made anything all that new for the past few years. I was hoping to see hair masks, different heat protectors, hair sprays, waxes, pomades and a different leave-in conditioner. Yes. I know they have their oils. And it has their versatility. But some people would prefer to have a different texture. I know the appeal of Desert Essense is that they are more familiar and often minimal with their ingredients. But having a creamier hair mask or adding styling balms could bring in more customers. They already have the most amazing shampoo and conditioner selection. I would like to see that with other products as well.

img_4612I have to really put out there that when I say I love the brand, I genuinely mean it. I’ve been fiercely dedicated to using certain products for years now. It’s affordable, it’s cruelty-free, so many of their products are a vegan friend and are formulated without a number of ingredients that have been considered harmful to apply topically. Every time I use a different body wash, body lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash or even oils, I always come back to this brand. Because they work. But I feel like this brand has the ability to expand and add more. Because when there is more added, people are most likely to gravitate towards brands like Desert Essense rather than something that is tested on animals and that is not good for regular use. I would hope that no one takes this as talking crap about the brand. Because that is not what I am aiming to do. Without this brand, I’d be lost. But my aim as a customer is to try to encourage the brand to go into the right direction. Maybe others agree with my opinion. Or maybe a lot of people disagree. But at the end of the day, I am putting my thoughts out there. And I think you should too. It’s your right as a consumer if you are putting money into a brand you plan to use regularly. And I still plan to continue using Desert Essense for as long as they keep with their practices.