I know many magazines and other sites online like to make similar posts but make very obvious statements in regards to health. But what about the more subtle ones. The ones that are not alarming. But the ones that hint that your body and mind is now ready for a change. Sometimes when our body takes a wrong turn down the road to bad health, it concerns us and it motivates us to make that change. But for people such as myself, the motivation came for change when I realised these three things.


F O O D – The desire for junk is dramatically minimised. I noticed this with my favourite food. I’ll still enjoy the taste but I will have to force myself through it, won’t be able to even eat half the meal or just won’t feel excited about the thought of it. The past couple of times I went to Red Robin to have my Keep it Simple Burger, I didn’t touch the fries and I could barely eat half. I wasn’t ill. I wasn’t calorie reducing. What I was eating was just less appetising.


S L E E P – Your internal clock starts working. Anyone else have a shitty sleeping pattern? I feel you. I’ve had issues with this nearly my whole life. But recently, I have been waking to sounds of things like dogs barking in my ear, door bells ringing and my house phone ringing. Only none of those things happened. Not to mention, I do not have a dog. All those noises managed to wake me at a decent hour. Since then, I have not had an issue with waking at a decent hour.


B E V E R A G E – Caffeine and I broke up. Call me the queen of bad habits. But aside from quitting smoking, quitting certain beverages made me emotional and jittery. My response to coca cola was very similar to my response to certain foods. Enjoyed the taste. But couldn’t finish. If anything, fizzy drinks, coffee (with creamer), certain other sugary beverages are starting to become gross. While the desire is starting to disappear, another sign was this unusual after taste in my mouth. A rather sticky feeling. At that point, I was starting to realise this relationship wasn’t working. We broke up.

Motivation and change come differently for everyone. I really wanted to take the time to point out a different viewpoint when it comes to what pushes people to change their bad habits. But always remember if any of these things link to a what you would suspect to be a bigger problem with your health, please visit a doctor.