With any high-end brand, you often wonder whether you’re getting the bang for your buck. It’s something that concerns me every single time. No matter whether it’s Charlotte Tilbury or Chantecaille. You want the presentability and performance. And that’s only fair. For almost three years I have heard nothing but amazing things about Charlotte Tilbury products online. But the few people I had asked in life outside the net had said ‘It’s okay.’ But I caved and bought a few products to see for myself.

img_0702If you are looking for that light to medium coverage with a divine glow, I feel like these four products will give you what you are looking for. If you are the Tarte Shape Tape or Urban Decay All Nighter person, this not for you. It’s a glow without the grease. There is always that fine line that I feel like a lot of formulations crossed over into poutine grease. Despite the fact that The Retoucher and Light Wonder are light refracting products, they do not add flashback. At least by my experience. It also sits comfortably on the skin with no tack to the touch. I feel like this product is best blended with clean fingers. I know most would disagree. But I feel like sponges or brushes would either absorb or pick the product up. The same goes with The retoucher. Though you would be using hardly anything with this product.

img_0698If you have difficulty with powder products, these will be your new best buddies in your makeup collection. Being that my skin is normal to dehydrate, a lot of powders can often make my skin look like drywall and making simple facial movements uncomfortable. I was apprehensive because of price point. But it’s very comfortable. Both apply and blend seamlessly without cracking on the skin. The setting powder seems more so semi-matte rather than a full matte powder. And even though I’m a highlighter lover, I gravitate towards the bronzer more. It’s not too orange or red. It’s perfect to balance out the complexion. The highlight is just as beautiful. It gives that illumination without that chunky iridescence.

Even though I can personally say with certainty that I love these products, I’m coming from a perspective of someone who has normal to dehydrated skin that only deals with some blotchiness and a flushed complexion. Aside from that, I wish I could be more helpful to those who have oily/combination skin. I imagine it would only emphasise the look of those troubled areas. But if you have a different experience as someone with oily and acne-prone skin, I’d love to know about your experience.