Before I had done my makeup/skincare fast, this is what I was using regularly. I can say with confidence that mineral makeup had been beneficial for me to use in place of traditional liquid foundation for informal wear. On more fancy occasions I will wear my Charlotte Tilbury. But if I wanted to go to the grocery store, bank, or anything else that I did not want a flawless and natural looking base, mineral it is. It’s the one thing I can trust to use as a base that will not disturb the condition of my skin. These are three products I use every time I wear makeup. Without fail.


A L I M A  P U R E  F O U N D A T I O N I’ve spoken about this foundation multiple times. It gives decent coverage. Is light weight. And the shade selection is absolutely nutty. I bet you will find something to fit your undertone without any issue. I have normal to dry skin. But I never have any issues revolving around my skin feeling tight or uncomfortable.


E V E R Y D A Y  M I N E R A L S  C O R R E C T O R If it comes to covering a blemish or something intense like that, I will just use a dense brush over the blemish. But for my under eye area, I prefer to use a brightener or corrector. The Everyday Mineral jojoba brightener and cover mineral concealers really help out with the under eye area. It makes a huge difference and I find it easier to control the amount I apply in comparison to cream.


A L I M A  P U R E  B R O N Z E R  Yep. Hats off to Alima for creating top notch stuff. I own two different shades. Mauna Loa is the one I prefer to use if I need/want to warm up the face. I never have an issue with the products being patchy or looking orange. Admittedly, if you’re new to mineral blush or bronzer then it will take some practice to get the amount you feel is right to work. I either put on too much or too little.

The best advice that I can give is to use a brush that is not too dense to apply. If you feel like you have applied too much, use the brush you have used for foundation and sweep it over the bronzer to take away the intensity or harsh edges.

So far, my experience with mineral makeup has only been with three brands. Everyday Minerals. Alima Pure and Bare Minerals. All brands are amazing for different reasons. I have yet to explore other brands that are available. There are a lot of products I want to mention that I have had experience with. But these are the three that I have come to use regularly to just throw on and go.