If you do not know this already, I went in to have my hair cut December 5th. I went in with photo references with a specific hair cut. My aim was to get rid of whatever was left of my damage but look presentable. Unfortunately, she ignored both my photo references and all my attempts to communicate with her. I walked out with a hair cut that appeared to look nothing like what I wanted. Fortunately, all the damage was cut off like I wanted. So I

Fortunately, all the damage was cut off like I wanted. So I can’t say I didn’t get anything out of it. So life moves on. Nothing I could do but take care of it and wait for it to grow. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use anything that might help.


Through the month of January, I was using Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner. I didn’t have expectations since it had said on the bottle that it wouldn’t grow new hair. So you can imagine when I had seen a bit of difference. It wasn’t a whole inch. But it was well over what I would normally see. One thing I want to note is that if you are like me with oily hair, you’re going to need a dry shampoo or just give in and wash it more than normal. I decided to also get the booster shots from the line to see if it made any difference if at all. One major thing that I appreciate is that it’s very inexpensive.


For January I decided to use Shea Moisture.I hadn’t heard anything about the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line at all. It caught my eye and I decided to give it a go. I just chose not to buy the leave-in conditioner. I remained consistent with the shampoo and conditioner. But not the hair mask and scalp serum. I have only used the hair mask three times throughout the month of January. This brand is more money than NYM’s hair care.But it is also on the more natural side in comparison to more conventional products.


For February I am choosing to go back to an old faithful brand. Desert Essense. I used this formulation of shampoo and conditioner many times before. And it always worked wonders. It also made me miss the warmer months. As long as you buy Desert Essense from online stores like Luckyvitamin and Vitacost, you can get them cheap. They have other formulations available for various other hair types. Though there are a few things I would like to critique the brand about, I’m saving it for a later date.


I posted about this on my Instagram during the weekend. Usually, I am not one to want to buy things like Biotin and such for hair growth. But my nails are somewhat week, and my skin could be a bit better. But if I can get hair growth out of it, even better. The ingredients are pretty damn amazing. And it seems to have a high concentration of biotin. I know there are vitamins being heavily pushed on Instagram right now that are specific to hair growth, but I wanted to try this first.

I’m not sure as to whether anything I have shown in this post does anything for hair growth at all. I’d prefer to have a realistic view on it. But at the same time, a healthy dose of optimism. And a pinch of desperation. Once I’m done with the Desert Essense for the month of February, I will be going back to using NYM’s. Then Shea Moisture again. And back to Desert Essense.