While it would be nice to see more cruelty-free and one hundred percent vegan cosmetic lines, I firmly believe in giving focus to the vegan specific products within the lines that are not totally animal by-product free. Even though there are brands like E.L.F. it’s also still important to give attention to the products within brands that are not one entirely vegan but still have the formula’s we are looking for. As of recently, I started using four items I found from the drugstore that contains no beeswax, carmine, keratin, or lanolin. Its affordability makes it easier to choose these items over higher end brands.

Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment ○ I was not buying into the whole lip oil crazy I had been hearing about. I thought it was another fancy way of presenting a lip gloss that was supposed to be moisturizing. But I gave in since this winter my lips were so damn dry. Is it a lip gloss? Somewhat. Similar texture. But I do believe it is the castor oil that is giving it that thick and syrup like texture. The nourishing avocado, jojoba, coconut and almond oil help to keep the moisture locked into my lip. I think this is definitely work taking a look at. Especially for the price.


Physicians Formula #InstaReady Concealer ○ Okay, I’m not into the whole Instagram selfie stuff. But I was still interested in this concealer. It makes all the same claims that most concealers do. But it is full coverage. At least on me. It does wear very well through the day. But I would suggest using a setting powder. It can settle into lines. But I want to point out the never ending issue that Physicians Formula has. SHADE SELECTION! It’s so damn limited. But aside from that, this is worth looking into. Though I question their choice to decide to place it in a pump.


Milani Easybrow Tinted Fiber Gel ○ I’m not into Instagram brows. I just want to make my brows more visible. I struggle so much with them. But I just wanted a less expensive alternative compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills. And I found it. It doesn’t make my brow feel crispy at all. But it gives back more of the natural feel I need after penciling in the gaps. Though there is only five shades, I’m positive you can almost find something that works for you.


Physicians Formula Eye Booster Matte Lacquer Cream Liner ○ This stuff is hardcore. If you have read my blog post in the past regarding this brands eyeliners, I swear to you, hands down, they are the best. This product is no different. But it does require more awareness and effort. You have to be aware that this product will dry faster than the other eyeliners this brand provides. And it is absolute deep matte black. This will not budge. At all. But I suggest putting in the extra effort by using a separate fine liner brush to take from the tip and apply to the eye. You have more control. Also, if you notice the little red plug wedge it comes with, don’t throw it out. Because this product dries down so quickly, I’d be concerned with it clogging the crevice it comes out of.