People have been salivating over these since they moment they announced it’s pending release shortly before Christmas. But of course, I ordered two shades! This is actually my first experience with Black Moon Cosmetics. I heard one of my favourite Youtubers (ReeRee Phillips) Goth goddess that she is, mention this brand multiple times. I broke down the day of the release of the Eyedusts and also bought a liquid lipstick. The excitement is real people. Playing with these are so much fun.


Asteroid ☾ Asteroid is described as a shade with a carbon black base with sapphire reflective pearls. I’m not sure if it’s me, but whenever I saw Instagram videos or photographs of this shade, it comes off looking a bit green to me. Luckily, it is deceptive. It does look like a sapphire blue.

Nebula ☾ Nebula is a purple and silver reflective with another carbon black base. A shade that is going to be super pretty on all eye colours.



Experience So Far  I’ve only used this product two different ways so far. Once just by spreading it from the wand to the eyelid. The other is making a winged liner by swiping the Sigma E10 on the wand and making the liner from there. One thing I can certainly say is that this product sets really fast. I noticed the moment I took a dense blending brush to blend the edges that it wasn’t budging. Oily and hooded eyelids? Heads up! I have both. And this product had not budged for two hours. But the oiliness broke through afterwards. I would still recommend wearing a sheer eyelid primer. This was not a shock to me. Most products that claim to be crease proof end up getting broken down with my oily eyelids. It’s not the product itself. It’s just my natural skin chemistry.

Additional Information 

  • Consistency is very gel like to me
  • Contains the same amount of product as the liquid lipsticks (6ml)
  • Beautifully sparkly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Safe for lips

I personally cannot wait to play with these even more. I enjoyed using Nebula as a liquid liner to create a wing. It adds interest and a hint of colour to the eye without having to put in too much work. And I am so excited to play with the liquid lipstick from them.

Did you order the new Cosmic Eyedusts? Which shades did you order? Do you already have products from Black Moon Cosmetics?