I first heard about this brand from Youtube. I was on the hunt for an affordable black liquid lipstick that was cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. I haven’t experimented with more than one other brand. But I love them even more now. Especially since I found my beloved blue liquid lipstick of choice. I usually always have lipstick in general. But liquid for a bolder colours makes it easier to wear. Less maintenance with touch ups and great longevity.


The blue shade is in Space Cadet. A blue-purple with a metallic finish to the lips as described on the website. Darkness Prevails is your beautiful rich black colour. Dries to a matte finish. Even though I have no bought many liquid lipsticks from many brands, I have swatched many and have seen demonstrations from others on Youtube. The ones I remember swatching are very creamy and have your traditional doe foot applicators and depending on the shade, can be inconsistent with the colour pigmentation. I notice some shades from certain brands in certain colour categories can go on much more sheer than other ones.


Both Space Cadet and Darkness Prevails had great pigmentation but I did have to layer Darkness Prevails a bit more. Even though the consistency is still creamy, it’s thinner than what I have tried in the past. But I felt it made it more comfortable. Out of all the wands I have seen so far from the swatches I have done from other brands, I love this one in particular. Seems a bit more narrow and tear shaped. Slightly pinched at the end to get prison where it’s needed. Like the corners of the mouth or the cupids bow.


Overall, I give this brand my love and devotion to the more alternative shades. I hope they come out with more shades of blue. Truly! I feel like so many brands come out with many shades of red, pinks, and purples. I would like to see more blues. The fact that it does not test on animals, it is vegan-friendly, affordable, made in the USA, and is funky as fuck, I love it!

Remember, liquid lipsticks, in general, are not bullet proof and fault proof products. No matter what brands they are. Eating oily food can break down many different liquid lipsticks and if lips are dry, unexfoliated, it can catch unflattering textures on the lips. Proper care and maintenance will still last you with these until the end of the day.