Okay, clearly not true for everyone. This is just personal preference. Ever get tired of lugging around your purse? I do. I have been for awhile. I was in Ohio for a small get together. And that is where I met a lovely woman. She had seemed very comfortable. Very relaxed. I could not put my finger on it. Suddenly, she whipped her phone out. That also looked like a wallet. Then I knew. Purse free. No added weight. I became envious. And then I knew I wanted to start doing that. I missed not carrying around a purse everywhere I went.


While this has to do with minimalism, it mainly has to do with comfort. I found satisfaction with just having my house keys, bank card, and ID. Nothing else was necessary. I know many would probably throw the “what if” in there. But the basics of my cell phone, card, and ID would be the most useful thing to me.

So, here is my question to everyone reading this. Do you enjoy carrying around a purse? Does it every get annoying? What do you carry in it that is the most important thing? I’m genuinely curious.