Let’s say you’re a minimalist and you’re more of a budget shopper. When you think of a mascara that is priced at $37.00, what does it make you think? Personally, my first thought was to look for other options. My second thought was me wondering what made it so expensive. After that, I could not stop looking at the page. Finally, I bought it. Then I understood why. You’re probably thinking that there is no way on this green earth you could spend that money. Trust me. I get it. I really do. I’m a stingy shopper. But it depends on what you’re looking for. So I thought I would break it down.

I won’t get into the science of it all because their website does that for you. I will explain why I have bought it a second time detailing my experience with it. 


Sensitivity ≣ Sensitive eyes? I feel you. My eyes are already highly reactive to things by default. But a few years ago, I dealt with a corneal abrasion. I wore a contact lens that cracked, broke and scratched my left eye. It hasn’t been the same since. Since then it has burned to the most minimal things. Even water. I also have to be careful with eyeshadows as well. Mascara is the trickiest thing for me since most have flaked and smudged. The moment it gets in my eye I am screaming to the moon. But, nope! Nothing. Zero irritation. That’s a blessing. You have no idea. Especially since mascara is probably one of the few makeup items I enjoy. No other green mascara has been able to give me that comfort.

Removal Process ≣ I know most people would have more of a concern over longevity. I get that. I can tell you straight up, I deal with no smudging or flaking. But taking off mascara can be frustrating. You’ll have mascara’s that smudge all day. But the moment you want to take it off, you practically have to use paint thinner to take it off. This washes off so easily with just water! No joke. I never had to use more than that unless I was wearing more than just mascara. Makes the makeup removal process at night a lot less irritating.

Formulation ≣ If you’re looking for a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and green mascara, this is it. Though, there are some that fall under those categories,  a lot of them don’t have the features I mentioned above. Longevity, comfort, and easy removal. I think the one thing that prevents many of the green beauty products from being desirable to me is the fact that many contain beeswax. I would have been more enthusiastic to try more brands if it were not due to the animal by-product situation.


Despite my hesitation in buying this mascara, it is the only one I want to use now. I have used multiple brands before that fell under the ethical practices  I support and that eliminate most harmful ingredients that concern me. This is the only one that has one hundred percent worked for me. I am also someone who is a minimalist. I don’t wear or own much makeup. I don’t buy much makeup at all and if I do, I really take the time to consider whether or not it’s worth the money. This is. Mascara is one of the few makeup items I wear on a regular basis. So, if I were to splurge any of my hard earned money on makeup, this is it.