To me, it’s not worth it to wear a lipstick that isn’t comfortable as well as beautiful. Call me old fashioned but I love the traditional form of lipstick that takes shape of a bullet. Though traditional lipstick formulations don’t carry the same longevity as liquid lipsticks, the ones I was used to were not as drying and often has a luscious shine finish rather than a matte finish.

Strawberry Kiss ║ Chestnut Kiss ║ Rose Kiss 

honest beauty 1

I had not expected to fall so deeply in love with the Honest Beauty brand. But it was true love at first application. These are pretty much the only lipsticks and glosses I ever wear. Rose Kiss is my favourite out of them all. It’s a beautiful soft red. And shockingly enough, Strawberry Kiss is a beautiful demi-matte lip colour that is comfortable and melts into the lips like butter.


An honorary mention goes to the two shades of Falling For You Palette. Blazed Garnet and Glazed Quartz. These shades…Oh, my! I want to personally beg Honest Beauty in this post to please (with a cherry and dark chocolate covered syrup on top) to release these as lip crayons in permanently in your line! The shades that are currently available are stunning. No doubt. But I bet by the time we enter into the winter season I will have hit pan on these shades.


Final Thoughts :║: While I continue to indulge in Honest Beauty products, I want to encourage the Honest Beauty brand to expand their shade selection in various in not just lip products, but other products like foundation and concealer as well. I’m also hoping to see some lip pencils being released in the future. I feel like it would help with the longevity of these products. Especially since they’re so buttery and nourishing. I also hope to see some animal by-product free formulations in the future as well. I won’t be too fussy with this area. Especially I know it must be difficult to change the formulation without changing the performance. But with some encouragement, I hope to see that change at some point soon.