Tag! You’re it! We all insert random beauty facts in a few posts here and there. Whether it’d be in a review or a haul. But there is always some stuff that people don’t know about you. Do you have a pet peeve when it comes to makeup? Do you detest a certain style? Do you have certain rituals that are unique that you have not heard someone else mention in a video or blog? Here is where you mention it. I tag anyone who wants to do this blog or even in a video. I’m not sure if this is a unique tag. But I’d be interesting to see your posts on it. 



I Don’t Like Dying My Hair ▸ I actually stopped dying my hair nearly three years ago. And I ended up loving my natural hair colour.

I Prefer Cruelty-Free Products ▸ This is a personal preference. I’m not pushy or perfect. But pretty much everything but my skincare (aside from my few products) hasn’t been animal tested.

I Never Fake Tan or Sunbathe ▸ Everyone either has the patience or looks good with it naturally. But I am naturally pale. And I’m happy about that. I’ve tried two-hour tans before and gradual tanners. And I am not only bad at it but also feel happier with pale skin. I salute you babes out there who have the patience to do it. Because I just sit there and say “fuck this” and always miss certain spots or it becomes patchy as hell. Not to mention, I don’t see what’s so unappealing about fair skin.

I Don’t Like Lip Products ▸ I’m a bit of a weirdo on this one. It takes a very special lipstick or lip gloss in order for me to enjoy it. I do own a few lipsticks and lip glosses but outside I’m just not enthusiastic about lippies, in the same way, the rest of the world is. I’m rather happy with just lip balm or at my fanciest, tinted lip conditioner. I just don’t have the patience to deal with the maintenance of it and deal with the discomfort I often feel that comes with lip products.

I Never Contour ▸ I’m bad at it. I look stupid with it. And I just don’t see it as a necessity for everyday life. Out of all my makeup products I own, I have no intention of ever owning something to contour my face. It’s a chunky face naturally. Contour won’t fool anyone.


I’m Too Picky with Cleansers ▸ I don’t know what on earth made me become so obsessive and fickle with cleansers. But everyone always emphasises how important it is to cleanse. And I still have yet to find ‘the one’. Everything either feels too drying, leaves residue on the skin, aggressive with exfoliators in the formula, or unnecessarily expensive.

I’m Use A lot of Green Beauty Products ▸ It’s like with the animal testing thing. I’m not perfect. The only things I use that are not cruelty-free or green is a few skincare products from La Roche-Posay. Aside from that I like using products that are nature based rather than lab based. For my health, the earth and animals.

I Don’t like Heals or Dresses ▸ I do very much consider myself to be feminine. I like playing with my hair and makeup. And I do like flattering clothing. As many do. But I just can’t stand heels and dresses. Then again, you’re reading a post from someone who doesn’t wear shoes ninety-five percent of the year.

I am Very Skincare Focused ▸ I honestly feel like I can live without foundation and concealer if I can resolve those issues. I’m not someone who deals with even mild acne. And I don’t have scars. My dark circles are not something I inherited from my father or mother. They weren’t there naturally. If I can find a skincare or nutritional solution where I can avoid things like foundation, concealer, and brow makeup, I will put in the effort. In the meantime, I use all these things sparingly.

I Have a Pet Peeve for Cutey Pootsy Packaging ▸ Again, it’s a pet peeve. It’s minor. But I’m just not into makeup or skincare packaging that’s overly decorated or has little kid like art on it. Like hearts. Flowers. or even if it’s just obnoxiously bright pink. I don’t mind the subtlety of pink. Like what Honest Beauty has. But one of the reasons why I rarely buy from Too Faced is because their packaging just eats at me. Some people love it. But I just can’t do it. But it’s personal preference. Some people love pink, hearts, bows, butterflies and such. I love blues, blacks and whites.