I miss the autumnal time of year. I miss the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere. The warm colours of red, gold, orange, and caramel browns. The leaves crunching underneath my feet. The air having a chill but just enough warm to step out without a jacket. It’s a season of peace for me. A time where I enjoy the transition of seasons and of course, the start of comic con. But I begin to miss it more when I smell this perfume by Lavanila. The warmth of the vanilla and sandalwood and blending with the sweetness of something such as goji berry, guava and peach nectar really makes for a unique perfume. It’s not terribly or typically sweet like candy floss body sprays you can get for cheap in drug stores. And it’s not overwhelming with a musky note. Like when you think of a senior citizen that overkilled it. Trust me. I’ve had that occasion sitting behind one of my grandmother’s friends in church. The headache was real.


Perfume holds a special place in my heart. Both my mother and grandmother were always gifted perfumes for either birthdays and Christmas’s by their husbands.And always Estée Lauder.

My husband started doing the same the first Christmas we were engaged. I loved my Sensuous Nude. But it was time to break the tradition once I went cruelty-free. I choked up using the last spritz. I didn’t think I would love another perfume the same way again. I tried many others. But it wasn’t the same. It’s like a relationship. Either it works or it doesn’t. Once I discovered Lavanila I wanted to jump for joy. Lavanila’s perfume is both cruelty-free and vegan. I find it if you’re like me where you don’t want to smell like dear old nana or smell like you went back to middle school days. It’s mature but still youthful. And according to the description, utterly desirable.

Perfume is a unique product that can either appeal to our senses and works with everyone’s body chemistry very differently. While this scent works for me, Lavanila has various other scents available.