You Want to See if I’ve Got the Minerals?!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets the ‘Snatch’ reference? I couldn’t help it. 

I’ve come to realise that when it comes to my base products, the less the better. Not even just the amount of makeup you wear, but the ingredients within the product. Mineral has shown me that it’s both convenient and non-turbulent to my skin. I’m not against wearing any other form of cover. But once you start learning how to wear mineral products, it becomes just as comfortable and easy to wear. Alima wasn’t the first brand I had tried for mineral products. But I’m now rather dedicated to the brand.



║Note║  I have normal to dry skin that is very sensitive and mildly acne prone



The best advice I can give before wearing mineral foundation is to apply moisturiser ages before you apply foundation. If you still have a very moist layer of moisturiser from either a cream or an oil, it’s only going to be a patchy mess and start to change the colour of foundation you’re wearing. So take your time unless you’re in an utter rush. Also, apply a nourishing concealer underneath your eyes before applying foundation.


Pearluster Eyeshadow with Protective Plug Stopper that Prevents Mess

Though I do notice the brand is starting to develop pressed products, like foundation and eyeshadow, the loose mineral products would be more beneficial for you who deal with celiac disease. If you’re on the high end of severe with your celiac disease, then stay away from the pressed products. Also if you’re someone who wants to keep the ingredient listing as short as possible like me. 


I want to point out that all the products I listed above are vegan-friendly. I read through the ingredients. No carmine. No beeswax. No silk.

Alima Pure Lip Tint’s

I thought I would mention their lip tints for the sake of being consistent. Alima was throwing in their lip tints for orders over $30. I personally prefer tinted lip conditioners over every cosmetic lip product on the market. Comfortable. Low maintenance. And nourishing. So first order they chose Paprika for me. Second I chose Blackberry.

Paprika ☲ Described as a terracotta red

Blackberry ☲  Described as a sheer merlot

Though I very much love these lip tints, the only thing that prevents these from being perfect is the use of beeswax and carmine in their formula. I’m hoping at some point in the future, that they find an alternative to beeswax and carmine without it compromising the hig pigmentation, nourishing and smooth formulation

To sum it all up, I feel that Alima Pure is one of the better mineral makeup brands out there. I feel like I can effortlessly build coverage, not irritate the skin, and completely avoid the animal testing while having a high end feel to the packaging.