I only started experimenting with mixed when I tried a hydration powder from a different brand and saw a difference with how I felt. Then I heard about magnesium powder and a few other things. I thought ‘why not’. These powders have been really helpful for me. And I really want to suggest them to you guys.


Natural Vitality Natural Magnesium » I usually don’t like to get detailed about my mental health publically. It’s something I feel uncomfortable with. Anxiety has been apart of my life for a long length of time. But since the start of 2016 I’ve been dealing with panic attacks. Even when I was trying to fall asleep in bed. My head often circles around the worst things possible and that’s no way to live. Does this replace medication? No. But it helps a lot if you need to get to sleep because of your anxiety or if you can’t concentrate.

Remember that when it comes to anxiety or whatever else you are dealing with, it’s not a replacement for therapy, medication or anything else that may provide you some ease. I’m a firm believer in options. The Natural Magnesium is just another option. 

MegaFood Daily Energy Nutrient Booster Powder » I have this really bad addiction to caffeine. Coffee and fizzy drinks are a nightmare for me. I hate relying on things like coffee. Especially since I usually use things like coffee creamer in order to enjoy it. I want to get energy the healthy way. Through my food. The best part about this is that you can mix this in with juices and smoothies. You won’t get an overly potent taste when mixing this in with your stuff. Not to mention you’ll get a healthy dose of antioxidants from the green tea and B12.

Ultima Health Products Replenisher Balanced Electrolyte Powder » I’ve been dealing with chronic dehydration since I was 24. Not sure where it came from. But I’m dealing with it. Sometimes the recommended amount of water daily does not cut it for me. It affects me in many ways. Dry skin. Bloodshot eyes. The headaches are the worst part of it. Adding this on top of my recommended amount of water to consume daily helps to ensure that it keeps my electrolytes balanced and prevents me from getting those bloody headaches. If the flavour of the mix doesn’t tickle your fancy, they do have others to choose from. But I personally enjoy the orange and add in lemon juice.


I have to add in another reminder. Please remember to drink water. I think even when people hear beauty guru’s say to drink water that they either shrug it off or find it interesting because water has no real appetising taste. Even if it’s fruit infused water. We are made up of mostly water. And it’s important to remember to drink it. Whether you have acne, dry skin, or headaches. When you drink water your health can improve by a good mile. Whether you see it or not.