Sensitive eyes? Watery? Oily hooded eyes? I feel you. Because I have all of the above! As someone who’s more on the gothic side with their lifestyle, the idea of living without eyeliner is like telling a kid they can’t have candy. It’s devastating. No matter what brand I bought I always ended up looking like I partied really hard or had some really sloppy sex. I only became lucky when I won a  set these set of eyeliners after winning a competition that another Youtuber held. And a liquid liner another Youtuber had mentioned.

But thankfully, the cosmetic gods have sent the drugstores a brand with eyeliner that doesn’t suck Trump balls.

Behold!Physicians Formula!


I genuinely think these are the best. They don’t budge from the water line. Which is the area I have difficulty with, I spent a lot of money on one single pencil from various brands. But here you can get three different shades in one set. Depending on what eye you buy it for, you’re going to get either a blue, green, purple, or magenta. You’re saving money, getting longevity, and you’ll have no irritation. Plus it’s so easy to find. At least here in North America. **Sorry Europe**

  • No tugging
  • No smudging *unless you want to* 
  • Mechanical Pencil 
  • If you want to sharpen the pencil, the sharpener is installed at the base of the eyeliner
  • Beeswax-free formula 
  • $11.99

This liquid eyeliner …oh, my god. Perfection! Now, I apologise I’m not giving the names. I will provide the links to all the products below. Physicians Formula gives their products the world’s longest names. But I will sum this up for you. As tempted as I had been to buy the Kat Von D liquid liners, I’m so easily pulled back into Physician’s Formula because of how fucking amazing this product really is. So black. So fluid. Beautiful brush. Effortless winged eyeliner. And only $10.99 Make sure to get the ‘Ulta Black‘ shade. The others don’t have the same richness to it in terms of depth.


The Last eyeliner I want to mention is Honest Beauty’s Velvet Eyeliner. Believe it or not, it’s not easy to find a good nude eyeliner to use on the waterline. Not all nodes stay well on the waterline. And not all nudes are neutral. Some are so pale that they are nearly white. And some have such a strong yellow or pink tone to it, it looks like you got some serious infections going on. This stays so well. It is so neutral. And does not irritate my eyes at all. With or without contact lenses. I was so happy. And truth be told, I really heavily rely on this because my eyes are slightly small. I look more awake when I’m not. I’ve also used it on the inner corners of my eye just a touch to make my eyes look that much more awake. I still consider this product to be very affordable. When comparing it to even M.A.C. prices, this is still pretty cheap considering the quality.

  • $16.00
  • Beeswax-free formula 
  • Sharpener required
  • Smudger at the base of pencil 
  • Friendly for contact lens wearers 
  • Gluten-free
  • Neutral toned