Honest Beauty and The Honest Company have been undergoing some heavy criticism as of recently. But I’m still heavily dedicated to both. Though this is not what I am focusing on. What I’m choosing to focus my attention on is trying to get people to understand why Honest Beauty is gaining the popularity that it is. 


The eyeshadow trio’s are pressed eyeshadows ≣ If you’re unfamiliar with the greener cosmetic brands, the more affordable ones often have loose mineral products. Some people like myself don’t have the patience for it. The more expensive eco-friendly brands are often the ones the have the pressed eye makeup available. If you’re a makeup enthusiast on a budget, it adds up to the end.

Having a green brand with 3 pressed eyeshadows under $30 is a big deal

It’s available in stores at Ulta as well as online  A lot of green brands are often more easily available online than it is in stores. I’d kill to have my favourite mascara from Red Apple Lipstick in Ulta. But that won’t happen anytime soon. Though the green community is now starting to see more eco-friendly brands in places like Ulta and Target, other brands like Alima Pure, Gabriel, and Ilia Beauty is often only accessible to the majority of consumers online. To have a brand like Honest Beauty at Ulta along with Juice beauty is a huge step.

If someone is strictly buying cruelty-free, eco-friendly products, this makes it easier for those communities

Three eyeshadows is doable for everytone  I know some of you are probably Naked Palette crazy. I am too. I love UD eyeshadows. But people forget that not everyone wants that many eyeshadows. And not everyone is a makeup enthusiast. Some just want that simplicity. That one product they want to stick to for a long time that isn’t a ton of money, and that is on the greener side.

So, I hope this helps you guys to understand why this product is gaining popularity for a lot of people in the cruelty-free, green community. It keeps within the more plant-based, minimal formulation while being affordable, available, and still have this high end chic` design to the packaging.