Lipgloss is a good way to pull a look together. Whether you are wearing lipstick underneath or not. These three particular brands have a unique beauty to it that makes it worth buying.

Ilia Beauty in The Butterfly and I ║ First off, the name. How elegant is the name? Aside from the name, it’s a creamy formula that smells like Entenmann’s doughnuts. This shade in particular is a beautiful nude-peach colour that I find would be flattering on all skin tones. Mildly sticky but very comfortable.

Honest Beauty in Inspired Kiss ║ Described as a sheer iridescent garnet. A very beautiful wearable red if you’re not comfortable with a full blown red. No scent is really attached to the formula and is I feel rather flattering despite the fact it is a tad bit warm toned. The sheer coverage of a lipgloss helps a red to be more wearable for everyone. No matter what undertone you carry.

Charlotte Tilbury in Sweet Stiletto ║ This to me is a beautiful nude peach with a touch of mauve to it. Again, there is no scent that is apart of the formula. But despite the fact that it’s described as being not sticky, it feels like there is a bit of resistance upon application. But the colour is wearable and so long wearing. It’s a beautiful shade and flattering to me as someone with fair skin and warm undertones.

Let me know if you tried any of the shades and brands and if the formulation has been fitting for you. I think out of all my lipglosses, Ilia is my favourite. 

Also please let me know whether or not you want to see swatches for my blog.