The goal? To grow long hair? The challenge? The wait. We have that beast of impatience inside us. Especially me. But rather than focus on accelerating the hair growth I focus on everything but the growth. It sounds boring but it’s worth it when you reach your goal length. I’ve learned a few things over the years that have helped me with my patience that has benefited the health of my hair.

Some Facts About My Personal Hair Type

  • Oily
  • Medium Thickness
  • Undyed
  • UnBleached

I’ve been attempting to grow my hair for some time now. My goal length is to my upper abdominal area. After a certain time, I plan on having a side swept fringe cut in my hair at one point. My hair is currently 18 inches long.


Pacifica has only recently released a line of hair care products that everyone is losing their minds about. Including me. I bought the coconut power products. I feel like this works best for growing hair. They have a beautiful coconut scent to it. But not over-powering.

Coconut Power Shampoo and Conditioner: Both cost $10.00 each. Formulated for hair that is dry, damaged, and colour treated hair. Both have made improvements on my hair and have not increased the oil production of my scalp

Coconut Superpower Mask: Cost is $16.00. Though I found this wasn’t very effective when left on for fifteen minutes, I noticed it made a huge impact on my hair when it was left on for an hour. My opinion if you do not see a difference with first use and with intsructions, leave it on for more than a half an hour or more. Depending on your hair type/condtion.


Desert Essense is my tried and true brand. I’ve been using their products since 2013. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a hand full of weeks without using something of theirs in my shower. I always go back and forth between the coconut formulation and the fragrance-free formulation. Though they have multiple other ones available, those are the ones I enjoy the most. Plus, we have the spring vibes going on here in New Jersey.

Though I’ve used mutliple formulations from the brand the best thing I can suggest to anyone is to try out the coconut one first. If you’re trying to target a specific issue with your scalp, give their oils a try. I’ll be doing a brand dedicated post about the products I’ve used from them in the next week. And it’s a lot. 


One thing I hope to see is an expansion on their hair care and create a creamy hair mask, or a revamped and fragrance-free heat protector/defrizzer. 

My best tip for patiently killing time while waiting for hair to grow…

Redirection: We often focus on growth too much. We become obsessive and impatient. Best option? Redirect your focus onto something else. Try new hair masks. Make them or buy them. Research heatless hair styles. Everyone likes to style their hair every now and then. And heat makes the hair growth process take longer if you have to constantly trim the dead ends after using heat.

My advice may seem useless. But I’ve been patient since 2013 when my hair looked like this…


It’s taken time and a lot of patience. More than I thought I had. I’m now happier with my hair than I ever was before. I still miss having alternative hair. But my legnth gives me more confidenace than any hair colour has.  Let me know if you’re growing your hair out and if you have had a hard time waiting and what your hair care routine is.