Though this brand had great reviews on many products I just wasn’t open minded to the experience at the time. But a while ago I watched Monika Blunder makeup tutorial featuring Phoebe Tonkin. One of the products featured in the video was the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder.



  • Good for all skin types
  • Triple fine milled micro silk powder
  • Blurs pores and other imperfections on the skin
  • Keep skin shine free 
  • Anti-aging

I’ve seen many powders with a similar claim to keep the skin matte and blur imperfections with an airbrush finish. From my experience, either powder’s work or they don’t. There is no middle ground. I had yet to find a powder that I liked. Not loved. But liked. I don’t just like this powder. I fucking love it.


How I Apply

My method of application is the same with all powders. The tap method. I take a Real Techniques setting brush ( Or My Sigma F25) and tap the hairs of the brush into the product and tap it into the area’s of the face. I never swipe. I feel like swiping takes up too much product.

The Result

Silky feeling skin with a flawless complexion. I have normal skin. Keeps my skin shine free. But not flat. It also doesn’t settle into the lines that I have underneath my eyes or crumble into the sides of my nose. I love the velvety touch it gives my face. And it doesn’t look like I powdered my skin.

My final thought is to say that this is totally not bullshit. This is really fucking brilliant. I know some people can’t spend $29.00 on a powder. One would prefer Rimmel Stay Matte. And it’s justified. It’s not within everyone else’s budget. 

What powder do you guys use? I know the RCMA Powder has been getting a lot of positive attention lately. But I wanna hear about what you use if it works really well for you. Or what powder has been the biggest fail for you.