Who else has a healthy relationship with tea? I’ve been downing peppermint tea forever. But I needed to expand my collection. Though we have a Teavana store near where I live I wanted to try out David’s Tea. David’s seems to have a good reputation. So I dove into the ones that peaked my interested the most.


I love my coffee. I truly do. But I have decided to cut it down to one cup of day at noon. I mainly drink coffee for the flavour. And decafinated coffee is so damn watery. It’s gross. I’d rather have a very small cup of cofee in the middle of the day and replace what I drink in the morning and evening with tea. Especially since it’s much healthier and I enjoy the flavour more. I’m curious about other unique flavours they carry that I’m jumping to whenever I get the chance.


I had to buy this when I discovered it’s existance. Tea Tank is a doubled walled glass tea bottle that’s travel friendly. Comes with it’s on tea infuser that is able to be used with both loose leaf and already bagged. I have only used this for hot beverages so far. But if you steap your tea cold, then it can be used for that as well. Use it however you want. It’s a versatile container. You can even throw fruit in there if you want. I have used many bottles with this type of concept to it. But the one I had used was poorly constructed and the loose tea leaves were floating about. *gags at the thought of the odd texture* It was gross. I suggest checking it out.