My skincare has been top priority for me as of lately. And right now my skin is doing really well. But it gets dehydrated rather fast. So hydration is key for me. Drinking more water than tea or coffee. And using the proper skin care. 


The Younger Eye Cream≣ $28.00

My 100% Pure eye cream isn’t cutting it with hydration as much as it usually does. I was really eager to give this a try. I loved the fact it has hyaluronic acid in it. I love the magic of hyaluronic acid and what it does for my dehydrated skin. It also has barbary fig, baobab tree, chamomile, calendula.

This product does not contain any animal by-product

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Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream≣ $34.00

I’ve owned this product before. I loved it. And  my mother loved it a lot too. She loved it so much that she ended up snatching it and played it off as if I lost it somehow. Fair to say she enjoys it. I do very much enjoy this product. I was detailed in another post I made from my very first haul of Honest Beauty. I love how thick this is but it doesn’t leave that nasty tacky film on the face. I highly suggest giving it a spin.

This product contains beeswax (Cera Alba)

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Beyond Protecting Daily Beauty Fluid (Oil-Free) SPF 30≣ $28.00

I’ve been so damn frustrated with SPF lately. Devita was my number one for a long while. But the fact that it was continuously flaking off my skin was pissing me off. So I stopped using it. So far everything I use either white’s out my skin, is tacky, smells ridiculous, or breaks my skin out. If a skin care product breaks my skin out, that’s a huge no-no for me. Skincare products almost never break my skin out. So I am hoping this will work out for me. Despite the fact it says fluid it is rather thick. But I am hoping I get the same effects from this as I do with the Younger Face Cream. It has ingredients of chamomile, calendula, aloe, and radish root.

This product contains no animal by-product