This isn’t so much a product review. It’s more so the effect the power of aroma plays on the mind and emotions. I have had a very sad week. I’ve found it really hard to perk myself up. It’s one of those things where something saddens me it sticks with me for a unpredictable length of times. Not sure how long it lasts. Two things really help me. Tea and fragrance. Plus some cat cuddles. I’ve always been fully aware of the power of scented products. My grandmother, my mother, and myself are perfume nuts.

unnamed (4)Since going greener I found a few products that really help with the area of aromatherapy. The Body Deli carry a few mists that are wonderful. The Rose Absolute collection is the first I bought. And have repurchased. It doesn’t smell heavily of rose. But it still has the properties of Rose absolute from bulgaria, rose geranium, and rosewood. Plus a few other ingrediants that are benificial for the skin. I personally plan on buying a few more mists to test out from this particular brand. They are a touch on the pricy side. But you are getting quality with the price.