Reflection Powders 2

Highlighters and bronzers can add so much life to the face. Though I wouldn’t call bronzers and highlighters a must-have item for everyday face base. But it’s worked well for me when I have needed dimension added back to my face when my foundation is far too much coverage or if I am ill and my skin is dehydrated and pale.


Honest Beauty’s creation with the Dusk Reflection and Midnight Reflection are my dream products. I love the fact that the bronzer is not orange on my skin tone. Even in the winter. The highlighter to me is perfect. It’s not too pink. Too gold. It’s a neutral toned highlighter.

Note ≣ If you’re a fan of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, this is not for you. I feel like this brand is more so about subtly. The highlighter comes off as a subtle shimmer in the package but it has a sheen finish to the skin. Whatever iridescence that is pressed into the package is not going to make its way onto the skin. The same applies to the bronzer. 

Tip ≣ Use a dense brush to apply these products. Though they are baked they need to be built up. I personally don’t mind this since I have a bad habit of being heavy handed. I’ve used the buffer brush from Real Techniques for the Midnight Reflection.

My official opinion on these products is that they will be my go-to products for my “gussy up” base products. This gives life to the skin without going over board on the finish or the colour undertones.