Despite the recent drama surrounding the ineffective sunscreen from The Honest Company, I’m still strongly devoted to the certain products I find to be effective that works for me by the line. I will say that I have used some products that I wasn’t nutty about. But I am still in strong support of the company. Shortly before the summer season approached, Jessica Alba announced her new line to launch called Honest Beauty. I was excited to hear about this. I’m always eager to try more brands that are lower in toxicity, and more natural ingredients. I decided to stick with the three products that peaked my curiosity the most in my first purchase.Ā 


Everything Cream Foundation $30.00 – My shade in Shell

The two ingredients that seem to be emphasised within this product are Calendula and jojoba. Jojoba is one of those fabulous oils that is very light, nourishingĀ and seems to be of strong similarity to the oil our skin naturally produces. Calendula’s property within many skincare/cosmetic items has been used for the purpose of being an anti-inflammatory for the skin. I will say that I am happy to not see coconut oil within this product. Coconut oil tends to be one of those tricky ingredients that are beneficial but can often easily clog the pores, and break skin out. Including my own.

Notes on Everything Cream Foundation

  • Not Vegan-Friendly – Contains Beeswax
  • Eight Shades are Available

My Thoughts So Far

I am so far impressed with this cream foundation. It’s a touch too light for me. I need Linen not Shell. But I love the fact I can easily pick it up and blend it out with my beauty blender. I wasn’t able to do that with a few others. But I am going to need to work with it through the change of season to see how it responds to my normal/dry/sensitive skin.


Concealer Duo $20 – My Match in Vanishing Vanilla

Like the cream foundation, it has jojobaĀ and calendula. But also is pointed out for its chamomile component. Chamomile seems to be one of those ingredient’s that is a “do-everything” product. I am mostly familiar with it in my tea’s before bedtime. Some articles claim that chamomile is effective for those who suffer from eczemaĀ and help to lighten scars. I have to say I enjoy the fact that you are getting two shades rather than one. I personally don’t like to use brighteners underneath my eyesĀ or use things like this to contour. But I know other people out there will love it for those reasons.

Notes on the Concealer Duo

  • Not Vegan-friendly – Contains Beeswax
  • Five individual concealers are available with each containing two shades

My Thoughts So Far

I don’t want to jump ahead of myself, but I think this is my new number one favourite concealer. I love everything about it so far.


Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream $34

Apparently, this particular product is Jessica Alba’s favourite skincare product throughout the range. At least by what it says in the description.Ā I have to say, I had never ever heard of baobab treeĀ and acerola cherry. If this is something common, I must have been living under a rock. I had to look both up. I was taken back by the benefits of this unique cherry. Acerola is hefty with vitamin c, and vitamin a, a lot of riboflavin (B2), andĀ Niacin. When I saw the ingredient “baobab tree”, I stared at it and tried to figure out what could possibly be in a tree that could help skin. Off to trusty old Google I went. I was happy to seeĀ it’s benefits. We can guess that it would be good as a moisturiser for skin, but also promotes healing, and promotes reawakeningĀ of skin cells, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

Notes on Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream

  • Not Vegan-Friendly – Contains Beeswax
  • Seems to beĀ a product that is more beneficial for normal/dry/mature skin

My Thoughts so far

I have been using it every night since I received it. It’s been doing an amazing job with nourishing my skin without feeling like I dumped a pile of silly puddy into my face. I also love the fact that it smells like whole foods.

It seems as though there are certainĀ ingredientsĀ that the brand staysĀ consistentĀ within throughout theĀ entireĀ range. Seeing beeswax in moisturiser was something I had not seen before. Though this brand seems to be packaged and presented as a high-end brand, all the products seem to be fairly priced. I’m very interested in trying many of the other products from the brand.Ā If you want to keep up to date to see if I continue to purchase from Honest Beauty, or whether any of these make it into my monthly favourites, subscribe to my Youtube Channel.