Since I first heard about the Beauty Blender, my first words were “What a fucking rip off!” I thought the price was a total scam. And now? Well…I’m eating crow. I never would have thought I would have fallen in love with sponge application and blending. Everyone poked me to try the Real Techniques one. I caved in. Bought it. Tried it. And it made such a difference. So much so that when it finally wore down that when I tried cheaper versions my response was “ICK!”

I find there is a huge difference between the better quality of the Real Techniques/Beauty Blenders, and the cheaper ones from other brands you would find for under $5.00. There is obviously a softness to the sponges of RT and BB. But the cheaper ones seem to be significantly more dense. The material that it is made of also makes them difficult to clean compared to RT and BB. If the material holds on to bacteria, then you will most likely break out like I did.


Though I admit the cheaper wedges from the drug store that has a pack of 20 works somewhat decently, I don’t like wasting that money. Even if I try to clean them and reuse them, they never blend as well, they don’t clean easy, and I don’t like adding more garbage to my bin. Some things are worth spending the money on. I admit, I’m a bit of a diva when it comes to my makeup and skincare, but there are just some things that are more expensive that make more sense.

Is the Beauty Blender a brilliant product? Fuck, yeah!