Violets are blue. Damn, girl! Your skin is nice! What did you do?!

Feel free to poke fun at my little joke. I wont blame you 😉

You have most likely read the post of my Herbolution Chocolate products I had posted prior to this. With the purchase I received a sample of the Organic Rose Hibiscus Facial Cleansing Grains. I was apprehensive. I had never tried this new form of cleanser. But I gave it a go anyway. I am so glad I did..


Roses have been mostly known to be good for anti-inflammatory, and antibacterials. In distilled form it has been used cosmetic, and medicinally. Not just for romantic purposes. This product contains various ingredients that my skin absolutely loved.

Hibiscus: Contains alpha-hydroxy acids which help protect the skin from free radical damage.

Oat Powder: Nourishes dry skin and can help with rashes. I think most of us remember our mothers smothering our skin with oatmeal during chicken pox days.

Pink Clay: The most gentle and not drying clay for skin while removing dead skin cells.

White Clay: Aids in cell regeneration.

Rose-Geranium: Antiseptic, astringent, and toning properties.

So, down to business. What do I think of it? I friggen love it! This leaves my skin so bloody soft. I was just in amazement that such an inexpensive product has such a luxurious feel to the skin. That being said, I don’t think I would use this nightly. I would rather use this when I feel like pampering myself.

I decided to use my strawberry sample just to show you guys in example of what it looks like. If you want to use more water then normal, go for it. I like a really paste like consistency. The strawberry cleanser smelled like a strawberry poptart.

What You Should Know

  • $10.00
  • Friendly for all skin types
  • All organic ingrediants
  • Vegan friendly