As I am on the quest for a healthier life style, it’s a trial and error operation. You try stuff. And sometimes you find something you like. Sometimes you don’t. Dates are a good example. Everyone bangs on about how amazing they are. But I can’t seem to get into them. After I heard about the Mamma Chia Squeeze packs from several green Youtubers, I decided to look on their official website and buy them in the nearest location. I decided to pick up the three that interested me the most. 

strawberry banana

Strawberry Banana

I knew I would enjoy Strawberry Banana. My two favourite fruits. It wasn’t too intensely sweet. But still had that flavour that I enjoy. I will most likely repurchase this particular flavour.

blackberry bliss

Blackberry Bliss

I was told this was the sweetest of all the flavours. I slightly disagree. But at the same time I still enjoy this flavour. It didn’t have a sharp tang to it like most berries have to me. My cat for some reason was really into this package and attempted to chew on it, and tried to lick up the big I put on the plate for the photograph.

Green Magic

Green Magic

I was really hesitant to try this one. I never had Kale before. I never knew of spirulina, or chlorella was up until I read the ingredients of this product and looked it up on Google. To my surprise, I felt that it was the sweetest flavour of the three. And I was even more surprised that I enjoyed it. I know some people are really freaked out at the idea of having a snack that looks like this, but it was enjoyable.


  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten- Free
  • 3.5 oz
  • Retail Price is $1.99
  • Only 70 Calories
  • If You haven’t Finished, Refrigerate after Opening 
  • 2 grams of Protein 
  • 7 grams of Sugar 
  • Amazing Source of Fiber
  • More Flavours are available.

Please note, this is not a meal replacement. I find products like these are really misused with people on extreme diets. These are healthy snacks for in between meals. Also, if you want this at a more affordable price, you can buy them either on or

Do I see myself buying these again? TOTALLY. I bought this from Target because I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d enjoy it. I didn’t want to pay the shipping prices for the 3 items. Plus, I wasn’t sure this would be able to withstand the hot and humid whether when travelling here to New Jersey. But over all, I’m enjoying the Green Magic the most. to my surprise. The Strawberry Banana is the one I do not see myself repurchasing. I most likely will buy some more Blackberry Bliss. Sparta might want some (jokes)


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