Welcome to my not so well put together blog! 


My name is Vannie (Pronounced Vonny).  I am a twenty-nine-year-old New Jersey Native with various obsessions.

The Content of the Blog

This is a lifestyle blog. It’s nothing terribly specific. I like to cook. But I don’t cook well. Sometimes I am successful with satisfying myself and my husband. I’m a makeup enthusiast within the cruelty-free community. I’m a new solitary practitioner to the Wiccan faith. A confessed cinnamon junkie and beer lover. And an obsession of England, Ireland, and Scotland. As stated above, I want to connect to others who have similar interests. Whether it is me sharing a new cosmetic brand, recipe, or you informing me about a new natural and vegan restaurant opening up in your area (even outside of New Jersey).

I know many people really are skeptical on those who say they want to have open communication with their readers. I want to make the effort connect to you. As much as I love sharing new products either in makeup or food, I like to hear what comes from your experience in the areas of food, faith, makeup, skincare, or anything else. But remember, where there is negative spaces on the internet, let’s create a positive one. Let’s see our spaces in the internet as a dinner table where we share food and drinks. Laugh and share stories.