Monday Noms≣ Tea Please!

Who else has a healthy relationship with tea? I’ve been downing peppermint tea forever. But I needed to expand my collection. Though we have a Teavana store near where I live I wanted to try out David’s Tea. David’s seems to have a good reputation. So I dove into the ones that peaked my interested the most.


I love my coffee. I truly do. But I have decided to cut it down to one cup of day at noon. I mainly drink coffee for the flavour. And decafinated coffee is so damn watery. It’s gross. I’d rather have a very small cup of cofee in the middle of the day and replace what I drink in the morning and evening with tea. Especially since it’s much healthier and I enjoy the flavour more. I’m curious about other unique flavours they carry that I’m jumping to whenever I get the chance.


I had to buy this when I discovered it’s existance. Tea Tank is a doubled walled glass tea bottle that’s travel friendly. Comes with it’s on tea infuser that is able to be used with both loose leaf and already bagged. I have only used this for hot beverages so far. But if you steap your tea cold, then it can be used for that as well. Use it however you want. It’s a versatile container. You can even throw fruit in there if you want. I have used many bottles with this type of concept to it. But the one I had used was poorly constructed and the loose tea leaves were floating about. *gags at the thought of the odd texture* It was gross. I suggest checking it out.

Sunday Riley’s Blue Moon Tranquillity Cleansing Balm


Is it worth fifty dollars? It all comes down to what you’re looking for. I use this specifically for makeup removal. It also suggests that you can use this as a mask. Which I have used it for twice in the past. Brands are coming out with their own cleansing balms left and right. I chose this one because of it’s amazing ingredient listing.

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Blue Tansy
  • German Chamomile
  • Mimosa Flower Wax
  • Moringa Butter
  • Tangerine Essential Oil
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Jojoba Esters


All of these ingredients are beneficial for all skin types. Dry. Oily. Mature. Dehydrated. My skin is normal and often dehydrated. If you would plan to use this both as a hydrating facial mask as well as a regular cleanser and you are on a budget, you may want to do some thinking on this product. If you are using it nightly to cleanse/makeup remove and use it as a mask then you will most likely run out of this product somewhat fast. Depending on the amount you are using each time. Within skin care, I feel like more isn’t always better. A little can make a huge different with this product.

I personally love this product very much for makeup removal. And though it’s a lovely mask I would not use it in that way unless I was in dire need of it. I would certainly buy this product again. For me, this product lasts a long time because I use it to remove it for makeup. And I only wear a full face of makeup once a week. So this is within my budget as well as my ingredient preference. 

Blush Obsessions ≡ Honest Beauty ○ Alima Pure ○ Hourglass

I’ve had an obsession with making a beautiful and healthy luminous base for my face. Though my cheeks have a natural flush on its own I enjoy playing with different finishes and shades. These are the top three I own that are my top favourites in my cosmetics collection.

Alima Pure Blush
Old Package and well used

Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush in Mimosa ≡ Alima Pure is my number one brand for foundation. I also wanted a mineral blush out of curiosity. Mimosa seemed the most flattering to my skin tone. This is never patchy on my skin. Even though it’s a loose powder I have never had an issue with it falling all over the place. Which is unusual for me. I make a mess no matter what I do. Alima also offers a shimmery finish blush collection as well as satin matte

  • Price is $24.00
  • Finish is matte
  • Formulation is loose powder
  • Shade is described as rosy peach
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten-free

Hourglass Blush

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat ≡ I fought off buying one of these products for so long. But after seeing it being used on Pheobe Tonkin I broke down and bought it. This blush is so friggin buttery and blendable. I’m a bit bonkers for this blush. It leaves so a beautiful glow on the skin.  If you like glamming on a regular then get this blush.  Just use a light hand. This is pigmented.

  • Price is $35.00
  • Finish is radiant
  • Formulation is pressed powder
  • Shade is described as a vibrant poppy with a halo finish
  • Gluten-free

Honest Beauty Blush

Honest Beauty Crème Blush in Truly Thrilling ≡ My grandmother got me hooked on cream blushes ages ago. But the ones she often used left a tacky finish. So I always gravitated towards powdered blush. This does not feel tacky at all. This blends so effortlessly into the skin. There is no iridescent bits to it. No sheen. It looks completely natural.

  • Price is $22.00
  • Finish is natural Formulation is cream
  • Shade is described is described as a soft pink
  • Gluten-free

What are your favourite blushes? Is there a brand you tend to favour more than others? I think if I were to go on a shopping spree for blush products it would be all three of these brands. Also let me know whether or not you want to see swatches next time I do a blog about products like this. I’m always a bit shaky when it comes to taking photographs of swatches. 

The Power of Aromatherapy

This isn’t so much a product review. It’s more so the effect the power of aroma plays on the mind and emotions. I have had a very sad week. I’ve found it really hard to perk myself up. It’s one of those things where something saddens me it sticks with me for a unpredictable length of times. Not sure how long it lasts. Two things really help me. Tea and fragrance. Plus some cat cuddles. I’ve always been fully aware of the power of scented products. My grandmother, my mother, and myself are perfume nuts.

unnamed (4)Since going greener I found a few products that really help with the area of aromatherapy. The Body Deli carry a few mists that are wonderful. The Rose Absolute collection is the first I bought. And have repurchased. It doesn’t smell heavily of rose. But it still has the properties of Rose absolute from bulgaria, rose geranium, and rosewood. Plus a few other ingrediants that are benificial for the skin. I personally plan on buying a few more mists to test out from this particular brand. They are a touch on the pricy side. But you are getting quality with the price.


Winter Skincare Haul≣ Honest Beauty

My skincare has been top priority for me as of lately. And right now my skin is doing really well. But it gets dehydrated rather fast. So hydration is key for me. Drinking more water than tea or coffee. And using the proper skin care. 


The Younger Eye Cream≣ $28.00

My 100% Pure eye cream isn’t cutting it with hydration as much as it usually does. I was really eager to give this a try. I loved the fact it has hyaluronic acid in it. I love the magic of hyaluronic acid and what it does for my dehydrated skin. It also has barbary fig, baobab tree, chamomile, calendula.

This product does not contain any animal by-product

unnamed (3)

Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream≣ $34.00

I’ve owned this product before. I loved it. And  my mother loved it a lot too. She loved it so much that she ended up snatching it and played it off as if I lost it somehow. Fair to say she enjoys it. I do very much enjoy this product. I was detailed in another post I made from my very first haul of Honest Beauty. I love how thick this is but it doesn’t leave that nasty tacky film on the face. I highly suggest giving it a spin.

This product contains beeswax (Cera Alba)

unnamed (1)

Beyond Protecting Daily Beauty Fluid (Oil-Free) SPF 30≣ $28.00

I’ve been so damn frustrated with SPF lately. Devita was my number one for a long while. But the fact that it was continuously flaking off my skin was pissing me off. So I stopped using it. So far everything I use either white’s out my skin, is tacky, smells ridiculous, or breaks my skin out. If a skin care product breaks my skin out, that’s a huge no-no for me. Skincare products almost never break my skin out. So I am hoping this will work out for me. Despite the fact it says fluid it is rather thick. But I am hoping I get the same effects from this as I do with the Younger Face Cream. It has ingredients of chamomile, calendula, aloe, and radish root.

This product contains no animal by-product

Alima Pure Pressed Powder Foundation

If you have kept up with my post about foundation fasting, you probably saw that I had photographed the box to Alima Pure’s new pressed mineral foundation. There have been multiple brands that have been releasing their own mineral products. Pressed and loose minerals. Though I have a bit of hand’s on experience with Bare Minerals from a few years ago, I chose to stay with Alima Pure. One of the biggest plus sides to the brand was that there was such a large shade selection. When they released their new pressed foundation I was elated. As much as I love mineral products, the loose minerals are so messy.



  • Rosehip oil
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Aloe leaf extract
  • Argan oil
  • Calendula flower extract
  • Chamomile flower extract

There is also other ingredients in this foundation. Such as shea, and sweet orange. But I won’t get too in-depth with the ingredients or the benefits of them.

Alima Pure 2

● T H E  D I F F E R E N C E S ●

  • Price Differences: Pressed with compact is $34.00 and the loose is $28.00. The pressed powder replacement for the compact is $22.00
  • The pressed foundation seems to carry only eleven shades. The loose powder has more than…oh, gosh. I think 40? I’m not sure on the exact number. But it’s a lot.

Alima Pure

One thing I need to give Alima Pure props for is their new packaging. Huge thumbs up! Though I liked the old packaging, I love this one a bit more. I find more elegance in simplicity. It makes me think of high-end green boutiques that someone would find in New York. 



Honest Beauty Luminizing Powder

Reflection Powders 2

Highlighters and bronzers can add so much life to the face. Though I wouldn’t call bronzers and highlighters a must-have item for everyday face base. But it’s worked well for me when I have needed dimension added back to my face when my foundation is far too much coverage or if I am ill and my skin is dehydrated and pale.


Honest Beauty’s creation with the Dusk Reflection and Midnight Reflection are my dream products. I love the fact that the bronzer is not orange on my skin tone. Even in the winter. The highlighter to me is perfect. It’s not too pink. Too gold. It’s a neutral toned highlighter.

Note ≣ If you’re a fan of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, this is not for you. I feel like this brand is more so about subtly. The highlighter comes off as a subtle shimmer in the package but it has a sheen finish to the skin. Whatever iridescence that is pressed into the package is not going to make its way onto the skin. The same applies to the bronzer. 

Tip ≣ Use a dense brush to apply these products. Though they are baked they need to be built up. I personally don’t mind this since I have a bad habit of being heavy handed. I’ve used the buffer brush from Real Techniques for the Midnight Reflection.

My official opinion on these products is that they will be my go-to products for my “gussy up” base products. This gives life to the skin without going over board on the finish or the colour undertones. 

Foundation Fasting: Round Ⅲ

If you’re familiar to my blog then you will know what this is. A foundation fast is where I go every day of the week except for one day without wearing foundation/concealer/powder or any other form of cover. The one day I give myself in that week is the day I wear mineral foundation. That’s it.


Why did I start this? I have a love/hate relationship with base products. From the moment I started wearing makeup it was purely for the creativity with the eye and lip makeup. Even in High School, I never went the whole nine yards. I didn’t even buy my first blush till I was in my mid-twenties. But my mid-twenties was when I started wearing foundation every day unnecessarily. My skins good condition started to decline from that point.

Let me just point out that everything I am talking about and referring to is simply my own thoughts and feelings on how it makes me feel. No one else. Makeup has a different purpose for everyone. And for me, I never wanted foundation to feel like it was a necessity of my everyday life. And it ended up being that way. Don’t get me wrong, I like having the light dewy skin finish. But I would end up using it too much.

My skin became worse as time went on. It became rather flushed and blotchy. Not the norm for me. My skin tone had always been rather even. And my skin started breaking out. The breakouts had come about shortly after I stopped smoking and my hands had wandered. Dirty ass fingers + face touching = breakout city. I don’t get hormonal breakouts. And don’t think I’ve ever saw a pimple appear out of nowhere from food. I know people seem to feel like they have the answers to everyone’s skin problems but I don’t think it applies to everyone.

I am personally convinced that the daily application of foundation and the aggressive method of removal I used with the rotating cleansing brush had a part to play in my skin becoming so blotchy and red. Though I believe the flushed face primarily has to do with blood pressure. I notice it intensifies with alcohol or caffeine. Then it completely calms down when I lay down and stays that way for twenty minutes when I first wakeup in the morning.

So, as of the next couple of months, no foundation except once a week. I know a lot of people have their opinions on what makeup means to them. In the long run, you need to do what makes you happy. I want to focus being happy without it whenever I look in the mirror. So for now, I am going to be focusing on my nutrition and skincare to resolve my skin woes. Bring my blood pressure down. Start being more religious about wearing sun protection, using AHA’s, and using moisturizer for my skin.

Just so you know, I use Sunday Rileys Blue Moon Cleansing Balm to remove any makeup. I’m convinced it’s magic.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – Foundation of the Year

Well, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong. This foundation is a good example of why I don’t do First Impressions videos. At the time I first tried to use this I had hated it. My skin was also not in the best condition. So every foundation was awful. After several more tries, I gave up. My skin had cleared up weeks later and I was in a rush and threw this on. And…Oh, my fuck! This is an awesome foundation!

Too Faced Foundation of the Year

Let me break it down for you guys…

  • The Finish is a natural finish
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Oil-free
  • Contains coconut water – gives that extra level of hydration the skin needs without over doing it
  • Contains alpine rose – brightens skin while promoting elasticity
  • Contains hyaluronic Acid – helps to really plump the skin to look healthy

What skin type is it good for? All skin types. At least in my opinion. Each skin type will need their own maintenance and prep with a foundation like this. Dehydrated and dry skin types will need something like the Hangover primer to prevent any loss of moisture in the skin. Oily skin types could benefit from something with a more of an oil controlling base and keeping blotting sheets/powder with them.

For those that are curious, my skin type is normal/sensitive with a tendency to get dehydrated and is blemish prone. 

I put this on over the hangover primer than set it with the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder. It’s stunning. Photo friendly as well. Usually, when I apply the foundation I apply it with my fingers. I used a brush and sponge too. Both work well. But I like the skin to skin contact. I seriously think this foundation is worth taking a look at. I had such an amazing experience with the foundation and primer that I ended up buying some extra products to test. Let me know if you decide to take a look and if you like it. If you’ve tried it already then let me know if you are into it.

Monday Noms: Food Favourites of October

I’m not dogmatic in my choice of food. I have certain restrictions and personal preferences that drive me to make the choices that I do. I don’t like touching meat. Especially chicken. Don’t like the smell. The feel. Etcetera. So I’ve been using mock meats that I discovered within the month of October


I swear that these little “hot pockets” are fucking fab! I am not someone who eats pork products to begin with. But I was very curious. I remember Kalel doing a taste test with this product. Most I have bought have been off of her enjoyments on her channel. It’s so worth it.


The beefless grounds are obviously versatile in their purpose. I bought these to make sloppy joe, and taco’s. This stuff is just delicious. The fact that these are gluten-free make my life easier to eat hefty meals. Beef was something that easier to make then chicken. I still like to make stews with beef. But I would rather limit the amount of meat I use for certain recipe’s.


I don’t like to be forceful with getting anyone to try something that is meat-free or dairy-free. I have my own choice of foods. And everyone has theirs. And that’s more than okay with me. But I’ve been attempting to convince my husband to give this a try. Whenever I buy and make true beef meat I have to make it fast because it will go bad fast. And if you attempt to reheat it for leftovers the next day it’s chewy, and dehydrated. I reheat my slobby job beefless mix, and the flavour and nice texture is still there. I feel like we’d save more money by using this instead. I also don’t think the taste is a million miles off from the real thing.

I think trying Gardein is worth giving a shot. We don’t eat a ton of meat in our house to begin with. I mainly have a plant-based diet. I haven’t tried many imitation meat brands in the past. But this one has a taste and texture that is shockingly similar to the real thing. So you won’t be sitting there going “What is the texture?!!?! EWW!” I am forever grateful that my local supermarket is stepping up their game. New Jersey is finally accommodating to those who are living with a plant-based diet, or if someone has intense food allergies. 

Next on the list of Gardein products to try…